Reindeer Sweater Ta Da!

Having started this in January 2016, knitted half way up the back then left it untouched until sometime this summer, I’m pleased to finally tell you, I finished LH’s Christmas Sweater just in time for our village Christmas meal.

Here he is, very excited to finally be wearing it…


Unfortunately it is a little on the big side, which means:

a) He’s shrunk since I started knitting it, or

b) My tension got much looser over the two years between starting and finishing, or

C) I didn’t measure properly, or

d) I took my measurements for a sweater that’s too big for him.

I’ll leave you to decide.



37 thoughts on “Reindeer Sweater Ta Da!

  1. Hurrah! You must be thrilled to have that off the needles and onto him. πŸ™‚ As for the fit – let’s go with the one that is good for everyone. You measured perfectly, knit exactly to gauge and he lost weight. πŸ™‚

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  2. Well done Bekki, it must be wonderful to finish it and have it in time for the Christmas meal! He looks great, and I love my jumpers on the big side… if you hadn’t mentioned it I would not have even noticed! give yourself a big pat on the back it’s wonderful you talented lady!

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  3. Looks great! Sorry I am a bit late commenting – still feels like Christmas in my house, decorations still up, leftovers still around and about (drowning in chocolate!) I guess the extra girth of the jumper might come in handy over the season!

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