Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted to me

This is the third year I’ve taken part in the #stitchingsanta organised by Shelia at Sewchet. Each year it’s been one of the highlights of my Christmas.  This year was no exception, and when a jiffy bag arrived in the post full of beautifully wrapped parcels, I got very very excited.


The first year I had taken part, I gifted presents to Claire at Mollie and Claire, so I knew where Claire lived. The post code on this year parcel was from the same area. Claire creates beautiful knitted and crocheted pieces, so a little part of me hoped that the parcel was from Claire.

Yesterday, with great excitement, I opened my presents. The first I opened was this beautiful Mandala.


Again this had me thinking ‘Could it be Claire?’ Claire crochets beautiful mandalas.

Next I unpacked this beautifully soft cowl – not quite sure what the stitch is?



The next two packets contained a lovely skein of Juniper Moon alpaca and some pretty Noro.

After the bigger parcels came a bag full of lovely smaller surprises…

Wow! I  couldn’t believe my Santa had managed to stretch her £10 budget so far!

Finally I opened the card from my Santa…


There was hardly any doubt now my parcel was from Claire.

Opening the card confirmed Claire was my stitching Santa and inside she also explained that she had made prudent etsy purchases and done a lot of stash diving to give me such a lovely haul of pressies.

I’m so pleased and touched at how much time and thought Claire put into her generous parcel. Thank you sooooooo much Claire! I don’t just love what you’ve sent, but also the magic and excitement you added to my Christmas. Thank you 🙂


17 thoughts on “Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted to me

    1. There are. It’s such fun, isn’t it? And yes, great to see what was inside everyone’s parcels. Finger crossed yours arrived. Christmas can be very busy, especially if people have young children, so I’m sure lots of posts to come still 🙂

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      1. I was so touched how much time Kim who sent my parcel had spent on me… what kind people we do meet in blogland.
        I sent three parcels on the same day, and I know the other two arrived, so I don’t see a problem with the stitching santa one. I loved putting it together – it was such fun reading the recipient’s blog so that I could make the gifts really personal.

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  1. Ooooh!! 🙂

    I haven’t received my knitting santa parcel yet but I think I know why. I gave my address in France but also my husband’s work address in the U.K. if it would help with the cost of postage but that was so he could bring it back to France with him. However, he left the U.K. on the 21st and nothing had arrived by then so maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. He doesn’t go back ’til the 8th January. Just saying, in case my secret partner reads your blog and wonders why she hasn’t heard anything from me.

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    1. Oh no! How very dare he not hang around in the UK until your parcel arrived! Hopefully you partner has read your comment above – but maybe mention it if you post before you get the parcel?


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