Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted by me

This is the third year I’ve taken part in the #stitchingsanta organised by Shelia at Sewchet. In the previous two years, I’ve enjoyed blogging about my progress on the gifts I’ve been making. However this year I haven’t been able to blog (much), because my recipient was none other that the lovely Shelia herself. No pressure there then!


I’ve been following Shelia for the last 3 years or so, so I know a thing or two about her…

Shelia loves bright pink, so I blew my entire ยฃ10 budget on a skein of pink and speckled yarn from Rosie’s Moments…


Shelia has chickens, so I made her a pink bobble hat egg cosy…


Shelia has a lovely family, so I made some fudge to rot their teeth for her to share with them…


Shelia has two gorgeous dogs, so I made them each a Christmas collar bandanna…


As well as personal to Shelia, I wanted to make some personal from me gifts. Since I’ve been knitting Christmas pudding tree decorations for everyone this year, I knitted her one.

Christmas Pudding knitting kit british wool cropped

Of course I’ve also been knitting Santa sacks, so I knitted her three.


I even manged to slip in a blog post including themย (I hope) under the radar.

I put aย  set of knitting stitch markers in one, a set of crochet stitch markers in another and a small angel ornament in the third…

I also made some lavender scented candles in recycled jars this year, so thought Shelia might like one…


And finally a gift I blogged about twice, here and here, when, aided and abetted by Pippa at Beads and Barnacles, I blogged a hat I’d knitted for Shelia asking how to finish it off, hoping she’d comment and tell me what she’d like best.


In the event, Shelia said she liked the idea of beads, but I couldn’t find any I thought she would like with a big enough hole to thread the yarn through. So instead I went mad and added three pompoms…


I hope Shelia liked her gifts from me.


33 thoughts on “Stitching Santa 2017 – Gifted by me

  1. I got Sheila as my sewing partner last year so I feel your fear – totally unfounded by the way.
    I think she might be on holiday as I’ve emailed her and got no reply which is unlike her but I’m sure she will love all the things you sent her, hat included.

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  2. Iโ€™ll come back to read this post later as I still havenโ€™t opened either of my Stitching Santa parcels – we have a houseful of guests until tomorrow and I want to enjoy opening it slowly to savour every moment!! X

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    1. Thank you. It was. I think Shelia really appreciates handmade gifts, so although the Santa Sacks and pudding were obvious must haves, I hope the handmadeness of the other gifts added to her enjoyment.


  3. Oh my you had a hard job here and stepped up to the plate as they say. I love the lavander candles and fancy making fudge too, her boys will love it. What a super way to finish off the hat. A truly lovely parcel for a good girl.

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