Exploding Pom Poms!

When I blogged yesterday and said I was concern whether Shelia would like the hat I made her as part of her stitching Santa, I failed to tell you I had another concern I about it.


When I finished Shelia’s hat, I decided to knit a blue and white version as an extra Christmas present for Lovely Eldest.

Two days after I finished, I went to wrap it up, but the pom poms had vanished. Well not exactly vanished,Β  more exploded and fallen off.Β Horrified I wondered why? I’ve never encountered an exploding pom pom before. Had I really been remiss enough not to tie all three tightly enough? Or maybe it was the crepe wool I’d used? And if it was the crepe wool, had the pom poms om Shelia’s hat exploded?


I made another pom pom, tied it really tight and bashed it about as much as I could. It remained intact, so I assumed I’d had a glass of red wine too many when I made lovely eldest’s.Β  I made two more, attached all three to the hat and wrapped it up.

A nagging doubt about Shelia’s pom poms still nestled at the back of my mind, so I was relieved on Christmas day when Lovely Eldest unwrapped her hat to find the pom poms still intact. However yesterday lunch time she noticed one of the pom poms was missing…


Having tied all three pom poms super tight, I’m even more concerned the problem is the crepe yarn and even more concerned Shelia’s pom poms have exploded too 😦

23 thoughts on “Exploding Pom Poms!

    1. If she doesn’t read the post, I’ll direct her too it πŸ™‚ I’m just worrying meantime that she’ll be concerned what to do about posting a ‘broken’ present as part of her secret Sanata gift.
      Thanks for you vote that it’s the yarn not me πŸ™‚


      1. Me too and although I don’t want to blame the yarn, it is hard to make a pom pom wrong or not to tie it tightly enough – especially when you’re deliberately making sure it’s tight enough.


  1. I think she will be more disappointed if they don’t explode now. I can just see them chez Sewchet going everywhere with sons and dogs covered in yarn. I am sure she will see the funny side, but how very odd, and what a disappointment for you cos they look so cute.

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