Knitting Round-Up 2017

I’ve just been looking back through the knitting projects. In total I’ve knitted two sweaters – one is missing from the pics – one cardigan, two shawls, one curl, one shawlette, about a dozen Santa sacks, an egg cosy, a mini sweater, twelve Christmas puddings, four hats, four pairs of socks, two houses, a pair of mitts, seven hearts, four small sheep, one small hedgehog, one large hedgehog, a mouse and and a bowl of cacti. Most of these are in the pics below.

I’m happy with that for a years knitting, but aware most of it happened in the earlier part of the year. Will have a think about the reasons for that.

How’s your toll of projects for the year gone?


20 thoughts on “Knitting Round-Up 2017

    1. Yes, miss. Writing that up is on my list of goals I’m putting together at the mo. Yes, I know writing patterns up has been on it before, but I really will get on with it in the new year, now things are quietening down.

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  1. What a wonderful tally for the year. I like your colorful photos documenting your work. I have two sweaters in bags near completion and it’s distressing I didn’t finish them this year. One needs the Front band buttonholes and buttons.
    I completed some socks and hats but will make a point to take pictures all year long . Happy New Year.


  2. Wow, that’s a lot!
    I’d actually be hard pressed should I have to come up with what I made this year.
    Maybe a good idea to keep track of my projects for the year ahead 🙂

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  3. My favourites are your hedgehogs and the Christmas jumper which needs some exploding pompoms. You have done an incredible collection of knits, and not forgetting the whole business you are now running. All power to your needles.

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  4. What a lot of wonderful knitting.
    I need to get round to doing a review of what I produced in 2017… It’s on my already large list of things to do. It might give me the motivation I need to actually start sewing again…

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    1. I’d love to see that – it will be so diverse and interesting and, yes, I’m sure will motivate you. I always find when I start a new project in the new year it seems to develop a life of it’s own and gets finished very quickly. I too have a long list I’m wrestling with 🙂


      1. I’ve just started to look back thruogh my notebook/photos – turns out there is more than I thought :p this could be interesting

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