Taking stock of my creative goals for 2017

Now we’ve closed the door on 2017 it’s time for me to look back at the creative goals I set last year and what I learned/relearned from them.

Attend two workshops/course – achieved.

  1. I attended an overpriced (IMO) workshop at Unravel in February and learned not to book overpriced workshop that don’t teach you anything.
  2. I signed up for Jane Dean’s spinning workshop although I’d said I wasn’t going to learn to spin. Jane is an incredibly knowledgeable lady and a fantastic teacher. She’s also an amazing lady who reappeared in my life just when I needed her.  So along with learning to spin, I was also reminded to go with flow and trust the universe to put me and the people I need to be with in the right place at the right time.


Knit Lovely Husband a sweater – achieved

Given this was last year’s ‘failed’ goal, I guess the moral of the story is ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try again!’


Learn something knitting related each month – Completely and utterly lost track of what I have and haven’t done on this one. Do I care? No 🙂

Knit something that isn’t a project for the Dartmoor Yarn Company at least three times a week – achieved – check out my knitting projects completed in 2017 here.

Learning: Don’t end up so focused on achieving you forget to enjoy yourself.

Make a knitted bag – not yet, but I still really want to make some bags and this goal is keeping that in my sights, so will go back on my list next year.

Make gift a least once a month – over achieved. I may even find time to write a blog post about them.

Become and remain UFO free all year – having been UFO free all year, I finally admitted at the beginning of November that ‘that’ scarf and the mitred mystery had become UFOs. However for a good six months of the year I was knitting UFO free and I certainly appreciated not having UFOs nagging and draining my energy. I’m therefore planning on dealing with all my UFOs asap and aiming to remain UFO free from then on next year.

Write up non-DYC kit patterns within a month of completing an object/garment – Eek! Apart from the Santa sacks, I’ve not written anything up for months, which is really silly given I’ve done all the designing and knitting and people are asking for some of the patterns. I’m not only going to redouble my effort to write up patterns this year, I’m also going to reflect on what deeper issue stopping me here.

Work on my patchwork quilt for and average of an hour each day – opps! Haven’t touched this for ages. One for attacking this year under the umbrella of becoming UFO free.

Indulge in creative play one afternoon a week –  I didn’t managing this every week, but did some and want to do more, so will be resetting this goal again next year.

All in all a mix of results, but as many of you will already know, I don’t worry so much about goal achievement, but more about using goals to keep focus and/or for what I learn from them.

What did you learn from any goals you set in 2017?



23 thoughts on “Taking stock of my creative goals for 2017

  1. I must admit I like to make lists when I’m organised enough to do so, and I enjoy seeing things ticked off it. I definitely make for the pleasure of it though, and haven’t lost sight of that as yet, thank goodness. It was interesting to see how much of your goals you actually did achieve, especially ‘knit something three times a week that isn’t DYC related’. Impressive!

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    1. Thank you. It was an interesting mix and I do think you have to be more relaxed with creative goals. I love list, apart from when I find the same three things left on my list week after week 🙂 Mind, that still tells me something I might not have otherwise admitted to myself 🙂


  2. Well done, you’ve done brilliantly. I learned that I’m not wonderwoman, not that it stops me from attempting it. I also learned to just trust myself when making decisions. Happy New year!

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    1. Thank you. Ha ha! I’m sure we’ve all tried to be wonderwoman at some point. Remembering to trust my own decisions is definitely something that resonates with me too – thanks for the reminder.


  3. Hmmm. I’m not a goal maker, as you know, although I can put a pretty good list together.
    You have achieved lots and lots of things and should be proud of yourself but not disappointed that you didn’t manage it all because you don’t have to be Superwoman.
    The only goal I can remember making was to do Dry January which I achieved and, by achieving it, I learnt that I could do it and so decided to do it again this year. That sentence made sense to me in my head.

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      1. Well, you probably know all about increasing awareness about alcohol overuse, giving your liver a break, saving some money, doing it for charity, getting a better night’s sleep, blahdiblahdiblah – I thought I’d give you another benefit you might not have thought of.
        Having said ‘saving some money’ – I’ve just stocked up on soft drinks which actually cost me more than if I’d bought my usual wine supply. After all dear – this is France!

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  4. So I never really set goals (I always hate those when I have to do it at work) and instead I just make what I want to when I feel like it. Once I just focused on what made me happy I found that my knitting blossomed! But I do want to learn new techniques and finally tackle a true colorwork project.

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    1. I think one of the big problems with goals is that people have to set them at work, so it puts them off using them in other areas. Let’s face it, work goals aren’t really our goals they’re what works best for our company, or whoever, within their time frames. Sometimes they’re not things we want to do at all. Focusing on what makes you happy to me would be a goal – but that’s just the word I’d use, although an a lot of people would need to discipline themselves to stick to it!


  5. I’d say you had a very successful year! I don’t bother with goals as such as I get too stressed focusing on them and not just flying around doing what I please. Though I have become more focused which is a good thing!
    Looking forward to following along your journey in 2018!

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  6. I for one think you have done brilliantly with the goals. I am wondering if I should have just one goal this year…. clean the oven, it’s rarely off the to do list, because it doesn’t get to the done stage! I have monthly to do lists with such exciting things as dentist, MOTs and clean the oven!

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    1. Thanks Cathy. I always say work on a ‘need’ or a ‘want’ not a ‘should’, so maybe ask ‘do I need to make a goal to clean the oven?’ I guess the answer lies in how much not having a clean oven bothers you? If it does bother you a goal to get it done ASAP would be great. How good would it would feel to know the oven is clean?


  7. I like your attitude of goals as guidance and help in focus. It feels healthy. And to be UFO free also feels healthy! If it isn’t working, then it needs frogging so that you can be released from the guilt. 🙂

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