Lost in Time Shawl Ta Da!

I started my Lost in Time Shawl at the end of September, when I finally gave in to temptation and bought a Scheepjes whirl.


I made excellent progress through October, until my whirl got to look like this around the beginning of November.


We were away a lot of November and I didn’t dare take it with me for fear of getting the remaining yarn in an enormous knot. In December I was on a mission to finish LH’s Christmas Sweater and create a few Christmas presents. But finally I got back to it a few days before Christmas. I finished it on Christmas eve, but have only just found a moment to photograph it.


I haven’t blocked it, because it’s just too cold and damp, but I’m hoping the top edge will even out a bit more when I do. Even if it doesn’t, this is only my second crochet shawl, so I’m not worrying about it. However if anyone has any advice, beyond keep practising, I’d be very grateful for anything that helps improve my crochet.


If your familiar with the Lost in Time pattern, you’ll know that this isn’t the way the boarder should be, but I didn’t have quite enough yarn to do a full last set of repeats and the shawl would have been too small if I’d stopped at the end of the set of repeats before.


All I need to work out now is what my next crochet project will be. Both Lynn at Tialys and Shelia at Sewchet  are tempting me with the Persian Tiles blanket. Anyone else got anything to tempt me with?

36 thoughts on “Lost in Time Shawl Ta Da!

  1. That’s really lovely and should be even better when blocked. Talking of which, I’m going to block mine RIGHT NOW – it’s been finished for a couple of months now (why do we put it off?). I did the last row on my blanket last night, too, so will steam-block the border and take some photos. It’s fabulous and really does have to be your next project – you’ll love the actual process!

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, sewing up and blocking – why on earth don’t we get on with it? Really looking forward to seeing your blanket – thanks for recommending. Is it a shawl you’re blocking now? You haven’t said and my iffy brain can’t remember 😉

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      1. Yes, I made the shawl with a hand dyed skein that Claire from mollieandclaire gave me in my Stitching Santa last year. I finished it soon after Christmas but didn’t have enough to cast off the last hundred stitches. I finished it months later when I found the perfect match in the yarn for the pale pink, sparkly socks I recently completed.

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  2. Yes, you should definitely go for the Persian Tiles – I’m much more of a crochet novice than Sheila but I’m finding it enjoyable so far even though I’m limiting myself to half an hour a day at the moment because of my dodgy thumb/wrist. Loads of ends though so be prepared to weave them in as you go along or I think you’ll be cursing if you leave them until the finish.
    Your shawl has turned out beautifully and I’m sure blocking will get rid of some of that top waviness – if not, nobody will notice once it’s draped over your shoulders in an artfully rakish fashion 😉

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    1. That’s me, artfully rakish.
      Sorry to hear you’re still struggling with your thumb. Very sensible to keep the crochet to a minimum – knitting is much kinder on the thumbs – at least the way i knit is.

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  3. I am very impressed with the shawl and feel ashamed of myself that after all these years of crocheting I still only do such basic things. Next up for me is and Attic 24 crochet bag, but maybe after that I should have more faith in myself and do something difficult. Good luck with making a choice right for you.

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    1. Thank you. Don’t be ashamed, we all need to go at a pace we’re comfortable and, as you know, when it comes to craft, I’m a bit of a dive in at the deep end gal! But I would urge you to go for something more difficult. The worst that happens is you have to frog it and turn it into something else 🙂

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      1. Definitely one project at a time. But I think with with creative stuff, as long as we’re happy, we don’t have to stretch ourselves and forcing it can be counterproductive. As long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing 🙂

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  4. This looks lovely. you might have inspired me to make a crochet gradient shawl of my own. But I can’t find a pattern I like so am going to have to make it up as I go I think…

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