Sunday Sevens – 14th January

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

I’ve been feeling a lot better this week, so have managed to take advantage of the improved weather and had some good walks on the moor.


Although the weather has been mostly sunny, conditions on the moor can change very quickly. On Monday we climbed Sorton Tor. It looked like this as we headed towards it…


But the mist quickly closed in as we climbed…


On Tuesday we visited the auctions and spotted these two marvellous finds from the 70s…


Somehow we resisted bidding for them.

Wednesday we did the pub quiz for the first time this year and won. Given we usually win about once a year, that’s probably it until 2019.


One of my personal goals this year is to eat less meat and dairy. To help achieve this, I’ve set the goal of finding 20 new vegetarian recipes we like. This week’s find was a very tasty vegetable stew with dumplings…


This weekend is a quiet one at home, so I spent Saturday afternoon giving the pantry it’s annual tidy. This year I’ve done away with all the packets held together with pegs, leaking their contents over the shelves, and housed everything from opened packets in Tupperware and kilner jars.


Hope you’ve had a great week!


26 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 14th January

  1. Your pantry looks nice and tidy! I did a similar thing last year and threw out some cans and jars and packets dating from before 2010!! Well, I thought I’d get round to using tinned mango slices eventually but it never came to pass.
    I’m glad you’ve started feeling better and it looks as if you’re on a bit of a health kick for this year. Don’t cut down on the dairy too much though – a certain amount is good for your bones.
    Well done on the pub quiz! You never know you might get a question on Maori songs one of these days and then you’ll kick yourself for not bidding for that album. I could always lend you mine I suppose.

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    1. Thank you. We only moved here just over four years ago, so the worst date offender was 2013 and there was hardly anything to throw away. I did however have three jars of mayonnaise and four cranberry sauce, which does feel like overkill.
      There is also a very large tin without a label – catering size – that hubby brought home from work around ten years ago. We’ve no idea what’s in it, but feel we should have some kind of special occasion to open it on, not just open it to find out.
      Yes, definitely on a health kick, but also I don’t really like eating animals and some of the practises in the dairy industry are not good and I also think how uncomfortable cows must be having udders full of milk all the time – can you imagine?
      Ha ha! Don’t worry, I’ll send you a furtive text if a Maori song question comes up.


  2. I’m with you on the dairy industry – we lived next to a dairy farm in the U.K. before we moved to France and, although it was a fairly small one and not heavily industrialised or anything, some of the things I saw made me understand why some people decide to be vegan.
    Good luck with the tin – it must contain something worth lugging home from work for surely.

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  3. the moor looks so beautiful, even in the mist.

    That pantry! It looks wonderful! But I have a question – are those security bars on the window, or for something else? I wouldn’t have thought you needed security bars there, it seems so lovely and peaceful!

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    1. It is – the mist adds a magical quality, although sometimes it’s just too damn thick.
      Yes, they are security bars, but there are none anywhere else in the house. And you’re right, I know people in this part of the world who never even lock their front door. Maybe the previous residents were very protective of their food? Or maybe preparing for a zombie apocalypse?

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  4. Well that veggie stew does look good!
    I grew up on a dairy and sheep farm. So I am sure I will always buy dairy and meat. Though I do love a good veggie meal!! Congrats on the quiz win. X

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  5. It’s so good to see you still using the Tupperware – is this still from the collection we all started when working at MAFF – mine is still in constant use!

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    1. Thank you. I’m sure we’re not alone on the clothes pegs. I have some nice plastic ones for food bags, but I’m always running out, which i guess isn’t surprising given the number of open packets I found in my pantry 🙂
      Sorry to hear about the grey skies – we had some, but 50/50 and when the sun was out, nothing half, but really lovely blue skies all day. Today though we have grey and rain 😦 Have a great week xx


  6. Oh, to have a pantry! I have upgraded to plastic closers specifically designed for opened packets, but would love to see shelves full of see-through Tupperware. Very practical. Congrats on winning the pub quiz – at least the pressure is off for the rest of the year. Going dairy free should be no problem – don’t we get more easily digestible calcium from green veg? I’ve never really eaten dairy products and that rings a bell from somewhere. If full udders feel remotely like when your milk comes in post-partum – then I think we’d all go dairy free in sympathy!!

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    1. Get Mr H-L to build you a pantry 😉 When he’s over his man flu, of course. Dare I ask, is he?
      All that Tupperware is older than my children 🙂
      Cheese and chocolate are my vices on the dairy front and tea with milk in it – in fact when I detoxed the thing that drove me mad was missing a proper cup of tea.

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      1. Yes, he’s over the ‘flu-that-never-was, thank goodness. We don’t have room to build a pantry – we don’t even have a utility room, unfortunately, much as I’d love both. Ah, I only drink black tea and coffee and only eat 85% or stronger chocolate (one chunk a day with a glass of red – for my health, you understand!) Not a lot of milk in my diet except, like you, a decent piece of cheese.

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      2. Good to hear hubby is improved. I assume you’re still thinking of moving, so hopefully you’ll have both pantry and utility in you next home. Wish i could be sold on dark chocolate – I have tried- but I confess I really do love a big slab of milky bar, which by no stretch of the imagination is good for my health.

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