My Third Best Christmas Present

Back in December I told you that I’d share my 3rd best Christmas present with you.Β  Well, finally, here it is…


Throughout Christmas I was suffering with a cold with a very tickley cough, so although I started reacquainting myself with how to spin, I very quickly realised that the small fibres from the wool I was spinning were aggravating my cough.

Unfortunately the cold and cough turned out to be one of those that goes on for weeks and weeks and I haven’t spun since just after Christmas. However this pause did give me time to think about what I was doing. Although I’m still very much a novice, I’ve decided I’ve familiarise myself enough with the very prickly stuff I was spinning and am going to spin some left over Christmas coloured pedigree Jacob roving.

Christmas red green white jacob carder felting

So, from tomorrow onward, I’m going to be doing the 15 minutes spinning a day that I’ve set as one of my goals this year, and however arty my yarn turns out, I’m going knit myself a pair of Christmas socks with it.

Unless you’ve any better suggestions – and please don’t say an Italian flag!

35 thoughts on “My Third Best Christmas Present

  1. what a wonderful gift! I am glad you are feeling better enough to get back to spinning, and I think an arty pair of Christmas socks sounds perfect!

    There is some group somewhere on Ravelry who is spinning 15 minutes a day. I have commitment issues, so am not doing that officially, but I find I am spinning some every day again, which feels good. Not feeling overwhelmed by the pile of wool, just enjoying the bit in my hand.

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    1. Thanks! I knew you’d be pleased for me πŸ™‚ Thanks for the heads up on the Ravelry group, I’ll take a look. Yes, i think I feel a bit the same as you, i don’t want to get overwhelmed by how long things may take, just the enjoy wool in my hand and hopefully it will get me to live in the moment a little more too.

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      1. that sounds like loads of fun – we don’t have guilds like that near me, sadly. But I have my little knitting/spinning group at Whorls and Purls on Saturdays to get me through. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh lord spinning! Along with pottery and sock knitting spinning is the only other craft I never mastered – on the pottery wheel I made an endless supply of wonky ‘ashtrays’ and on the spinning wheel I made string or large fat slugs all of which eventually became an unwearable poncho which was turned into a floor mat that never wore out……….. I think the Christmas socks sound delightful!! πŸ™‚

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  3. I like the sound of a pair of socks with an Italian flag on them. Or a wooly jumper for a Dartmoor lamb. I think you will love it, best of luck. I had a go once and was pleased with my progress but lacked the funds to set up.

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    1. Shame. I think I want to spin a bit more yarn than a Lamb’s jumper – unless you mean for a real lamb. Now that’s and idea – can you imagine the farmer next door’s face if he woke up one morning and found all his lambs wearing Italian flag jumpers? πŸ™‚

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      1. It would be brilliant. I am sure I have seen goat kids in woolly jumpers, and chickens that had been rescued from battery farms and had been plucking out their feathers. You are onto a winner now….

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  4. Well now, I am extremely envious given that I haven’t even tried spinning yet, and I just know that I’d fall hook, line and sinker. Socks sound like an excellent idea to me so why try to come up with anything else? Yes, I know I would say that as I’m addicted to knitting socks at the moment, but……

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    1. Still feeling guilty that I abandoned learning spinning with you 😦 It’s very relaxing when you get going and I’m pleased with how quickly I’m getting the roving spun now. Ha ha! Yes, I had noticed you were a bit keen on sock knitting at the moment.

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      1. Don’t be daft, I’m pleased that you’re getting so much out of it! Thing about knitting socks is that you always need socks and I’m not really a jumper or shawl wearer as I get so hot, so what else does one knit? Quite apart from the fact that I keep buying hand dyed yarn that I need to knit into something:)

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      2. Ha ha! Hand dyed yarn is rather addictive. You’re right, there is a limited choice. Fortunately although not a shawl wearer -despite having crochet two – I do like a warm sweater or cardigan. I’m impress that your hands don’t get sore knitting so much with thin needles.

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