Great British Bird Watch 2018

I love watching the birds in my garden, so decided this year to take part in the Great British Bird Watch, which took place over the weekend and today. The idea is to watch the garden for an hour and note down the maximum number of each species you see together at any one time. I’ve really enjoyed seeing and hearing about which birds other people have seen, so thought I’d share my tally from Sunday morning:

Black Birds: 2, Collard Dove: 1, Great Tit: 2, Magpie: 2, Song Thrush: 1, Robin: 2, Wood Pigeon: 2

I would have shared a few pictures, put it was far too cold to sit outside with the telephoto lens on my camera, so you’ll have to settle for this one…


Did you take part? I’d love to know what you saw if you did.



22 thoughts on “Great British Bird Watch 2018

  1. I didn’t take part. Silly me as I love watching the birds on the feeder and ground outside from our kitchen window.
    I love the knitted pigeon or is it a dove? I once had a homing pigeon make its home with us. The second time he dropped by the owner (from way up north) didn’t want to pay to have him couriered back. He lived with us for a while and then disappeared. He most likely got caught by a bird of prey. I still miss him. Anyway, I’m wondering about the pattern for this and will have a wee search πŸ™‚

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    1. Me too, but doing it like that did actually suck some of the enjoyment out of watching the birds – at least for me. Great to hear about your pigeon. Obviously not that he disappeared, but I guess that is inevitable with any bird eventually. I’m sorry, i don’t have the pattern. I took the pic at Unravel last year, so maybe looking for stuff from then might help? I think I have a blue tit pattern though, which you’re welcome to, if you want it.

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    1. Thank you. We are lucky to have so many different birds down in the south west with it being a little milder, but I was a little disappointed the woodpecker and buzzard didn’t show up.


  2. What a fun idea! In the span of a few minutes on Friday, I spied three robins and a Carolina chickadee. I was thinking the only thing lacking from the arrival of spring would be a golfer (I live adjacent to a golf course). But then he showed up… so I guess spring really is around the corner for us in the mid-atlantic (US).

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  3. that sounds fun! I didn’t take part, obviously, not being in GB, but it makes me want to sit for an hour and watch my yard and bird feeders. But not sure I could sit for an hour and not knit or spin, and then I wouldn’t be looking, and I would get “One chickadee. Three mourning doves” which is a gross underreporting.

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  4. Loved reading this Bekki, and you are right watching for an hour and then trying to count umpteen birds at once is a triffle odd,and can be annoying when one you normally see doesn’t show up, like my chaffinch who failed to put in an appearance but showed up yesterday. I must post mine.

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  5. No, I didn’t as we were away, but I was aware it was taking place. An hour watching the birds in the garden/field would have been most welcome and our two resident Robins would no doubt have loved to feature on the list.

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