Progress on my goals for 2018

Bet I’m not the only one saying ‘Wow! That month went quick!’ And since January’s come to an end, it’s time for me to review my progress on this year’s goals. Here’s how I’ve done…

Make a gift a least once a month on average

I made two gifts last month, one a two dog crochet hook/pencil case..

Dachshund Dog Crochet Hook Case - Pencil Case

For the other I made a beach hut pencil case then added some needles, yarn and wrote the easiest pattern I could think of for a friend who is in the very early stages of learning to knit.

Beach Hut Needle Case

To give random gifts (gifts not attached to birthdays, house moves, Christmas etc) at least 6 times this year

The dog crochet hook/pencil case was a random gift.

Make the Dartmoor Yarn Company a more ecofriendly business

I’ve been having a think about ways to do this. I have a few ideas, which should be put into action in February.

Become and remain UFO free all year.

As I posted in Tuesday, I’ve started working on several and have reduced my UFO count from ten to nine by finishing the cushion on the left.


Experiment/play/learn once a week

I’ve been trying out a few patterns, revising how to tie macrame knots and attempting to devise a pattern for a new kit…

Write up my outstanding knitting patterns then write them up within two weeks of object/garment completion.

I’ve got the sheep sock pattern written up, but haven’t shared yet.

Sheep Socks Knitting Pattern

Spin for 15 minutes a day when possible

Due to the wool top setting off my never ending tickley cough, I only started this a week ago, but I have now spun and plied the white and spun some of the red…

Always have some knitting using yarn from my stash on my needles

Opps! This one isn’t happening – unless you count my UFOs, in which case I did knit a few rows of this…


Finish the quilt I started in 2017

Not yet touched, but I want to get the other quicker unfinished sewing projects out of the way first.

All in all, I’m quiet pleased with my achievements this month – given I was unwell at the start and took out nearly all of last week for family time. February, hopefully, will be even more productive.

How’s your crafting fared in January, whether you set goals or not?

37 thoughts on “Progress on my goals for 2018

  1. I’m impressed that January seemed to go quickly for you when I know you were doing Dry January – I thought it went on forever.
    I would love to have a go at those sheep socks – they are adorable – I’ve not done much intarsia knitting for a very long time so ought to give some a try. Will it be a chart or written instructions or both?
    I cast on some stash yarn yesterday evening to make a cotton dishcloth (actually inspired by a post on The Snail’s blog). It’s fairly mindless knitting so I could watch Netflix at the same time and it’s on larger needles than my WIP socks so it wasn’t too hard on my hand.

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    1. I had the advantage of being poorly for half of it, so didn’t want a drink. Although now I come to think of it, being poorly felt like it went on forever, so maybe it’s just the last two weeks that have gone quick and littlest was here for nearly a whole one of those, so I did have an advantage over you – apart from that I sneaked in a glass of champagne because of the engagement. However, in the interests of loosing some weight, I’m planning a dry February too – it’s only 28 days instead of 31 πŸ™‚
      So pleased you like the sheep socks πŸ™‚ It’s a combination of written and charted instructions – which seems the logical way (to me at least) to do it with colour changes being much easier to explain with a chart. I have knitted it, and assumed others would too, as stranded colour work rather than intarsia – otherwise it’s a lot of fiddly balls of yarn for the sheep.
      I too was inspired by the snail, but have no dishcloth suitable yarn in my stash 😦
      Fingers crossed your hands are fully better soon.


  2. If we’re counting it as projects completed – not well at all. If we’re going by hours put in – then great! I’m still stuck on the baby shawl (should have been finished for due date of 10th) but Christmas,when I expected lots of quiet time with knitting needles, was totally disrupted by baby’s arrival, and then I’ve TWICE run out of yarn and had to order more. Obviously 1950s 2-ply was longer per ounce/gram 😦 It’s got me back into the knitting habit though, but I’m looking forward to something simpler once I’ve finished

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    1. Hours completed is surely the better measure? Sounds as if the shawl turned into a real challenge, but 2ply and for such a special arrival, makes me think it’s going to be absolutely divine and well worth all the effort. Would love to see it when it’s finished, so do tag me in if you post it on FaceBook, so i don’t miss it. Also what a great bonus reconnecting you with knitting πŸ™‚ xx


  3. Well, since you asked and I had a think I realised I made five face cloths, 12 soap bags and I’ve made some small water colours too in recent days – and all with nary a mention on my blog πŸ˜€ I love your decision to make random gifts – it’s the most pleasurable way of giving. You have made a great start to this year!!

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    1. Thank you. Go you! Have you slept at all? But why haven’t we seen them? Especially love seeing your paintings. You’re right, such a pleasurable experience to make someone smile when they totally aren’t expecting anything – in one way, a selfish act.


      1. Oh dear – you haven’t seen them because I don’t think to take photos of them 😦 Even though I now have a super-dooper camera attached to my super-dooper new phone….. Really must get better at this blogging lark πŸ˜€

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  4. My good ness to say you were poorly and had your daughter to stay I think you are a very powerful work machine. How very kind of you to design a pattern especially for your friend and sned her that gift. You are a friend in a million.
    I really liked the patchwork cushion.
    How do we define stash? If it is yarn we already have and projects lined up then most of my knitting comes into that category. If it is leftover yarn then I crocheted a blanket. I don’t buy yarn for the sake of it. Fabric is a different kettle of fish though. Lots bought on impulse.

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    1. Thank you. I hadn’t though about the poorliness stopping me apart from it stopping me spinning. It think it’s mostly because we’ve had a couple of quiet weekends and all that rain hasn’t encouraged us to leave the house much!
      Personally I’d define stash as yarn/fabric that’s been bought with no real purpose in mind or you bought it then decided you didn’t want to knit the item, so it’s become unassigned.


  5. Love those sheep socks! Love those bags, too – how lovely for someone to receive a random gift and even lovelier to have a bag with needles, yarn AND pattern already included. The perfect present! You keep teasing us with glimpses of an unfinished quilt top. I’m dying to see it completed:)

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