Sunday Sevens – 11th February

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was the first day this year it was dry enough to go out on my bike. It was, however jolly chilly…


I’m not complaining though, since I’d much rather have dry cold days than rain and damp. Although it hasn’t been dry by any means, most of the wet stuff has come down as hail or sleet.


On Tuesday, we saw the first snow we’ve had all winter. But although it snowed for much of the day, I was hard pressed to find any that settled.


Still it was lovely to walk amongst the snowflakes. Here’s one of my favourite parts of the woods at Abbeyford…

Prettier than most planted pines and the floor is divinely springy.

Of course there’s still a lot of water around. we found this ford on a walk…

I don’t think I’d have been brave enough, even in my 4×4, to drive across.

On Tuesday I had a trip to the dentist, so Lovely Husband went to the auction on his own and brought me back a present…


It was fun looking through it at all the old styles we thought we looked so fabulous in back in eighties…


There were also some interesting sections on crochet techniques, that I’ll refer to in future, and even a few patterns I may consider making. But not this…


My discovery of the week, was basil tofu. I’ve never really tried tofu before, but in my vegetarian explorations I discovered it. I love it and can’t wait to try some other flavours.


On Thursday, my new batch of yarn was finally ready to be picked up form the mill.


Since then there’s been a lot of ball winding and label attaching…


Thanks for dropping by. Hope you’ve had a great week.


47 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 11th February

  1. I love that old encyclopaedia, and actually love some of the 70s items 😉
    The outfit shown in one of the pictures looks quite brave and “tough” girl to me, which I like. Or maybe it’s because I grew up in the 70s and that’s what my mum etc would wear at the time?
    Your yarn delivery is stunning… can’t do now but hope to get some at some point. Is the yarn also sold in the cone?

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    1. There are some rather nice things in it and some that can be altered a little to bring them up to date.
      Ha ha! What our mum wore does tend to have a big influence on what we think about some styles 🙂 I’m thinking Purdy from the New Avengers wore that sort of thing sometimes?
      So you’re right about though girl. Although New Avengers are mid to late 70s and I don’t think Stitch by Stitch was published until the eighties when we all flouncing around in our New Romantic frills 🙂 So maybe not an eighties look really?
      Thank you. So glad you like the yarn, I’m not a brown person, but I so love the brown Jacob – it really soft – for a Jacob – and really chocolatey. I don’t sell it by the cone on the website, but if you want to buy it on a cone, at some point in the future, contact me on the contact form and I can sell it to you on a cone at a cheaper price than I sell the cakes for.

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      1. I so remember the New Romantics, I loved that style and some of the frills 😉 and then there were the first goths from the Cure. OMG, Memory Lane trip…..
        Thank you for your kind offer, I really appreciate it! I will get in touch when I can get some yarn 🙂
        I look forward to see if you’ll get to knit some of those 70s outfits.. I still find myself buying old patterns
        Have a lovely week x

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      2. I LOVE The Cure!
        Actually, I owe you a thank you, because after I replied to you, I though why on earth don’t I sell wool on the cone? Not having to mess about caking or add labels is better for me, and giving a discount for a larger purchase than the odd ball or two makes it more affordable. So you should be able to find cones on my website when you’re ready. If you can’t or you want some sort of in between amount, ask me. Always happy to help if I can. Thanks again for the idea. Wishing you a lovely week too xx

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  2. Ooh those sewing books look like a great find 🙂
    Yay for new wools. Are you going to dye any of it this year?
    It is soo cold at the moment but glad that it is drying up a little…

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    1. They’re actually sewing, knitting and crochet – think the crochet is going to be really good for me, because it’s the one I’m worst/newest at.
      I’m not a huge fan of dyeing, although I’m sure I’ll be dyeing some of it. Currently I’m much more smitten with the idea of dyeing carder fleece for spinning – probably because I’m really getting into the spinning – well, the theory of spinning coloured yarns at least. Hopefully there will be a separate post on spinning progress next week.


      1. I’m sure that dying the fleece will be fun, but I haven’t really been able to get into spinning. I need to really fix the spinning wheel properly first.
        I need to get my hands on some of this wool to stash away with my – holiday souvenir wools to make something lovely from…

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  3. Your husband bought that set of books off his own back? Or did you ask him to bid on them beforehand? If not, I’m well impressed that he came back with such a treasure. Well done on caking all that yarn, that’s quite a huge task, but doesn’t it look lovely caked up like that? I’m with you on the weather front – an icy, clear day is SO much better than a wet and windy one. Keep enjoying your outdoor pursuits:)

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    1. He went on his own but sent me a pic saying he thought there was useful stuff inside plus they were all there and all in excellent condition. So really I just gave the nod to his judgement and he spotted them all on his own.
      You’re right the cakes were was a lot of work – plus I did another 30 small balls for sheep kits that aren’t in the pic. Although my heavy duty ball winder really is a Godsend and makes it so much easier,

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      1. Thank you – although I am still eating fish at the moment. Haven’t eaten lamb for a very long time. To be honest I haven’t eaten most meats for a long time apart from free range chicken.


  4. Mmm that tofu salad looks very tasty! And you look fantastic in your green biking get up – I think you have toned up a lot since you first started all this giving up of cake and biking lark? All your lovely yarn is gorgeous – your store is doing very well too – on a roll Bekki!! ❤

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    1. Thank you.
      It was SOOOOO cold last Sunday – the wind chill was awful. Hubby says I’m looking slimmer too. I’ve lost half a stone since mid Jan, but still away to go. I was biking before, so it is the cutting cake and little more exercise that is responsible 🙂 xxx

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  5. I have an old handicrafts book from when I was first married. Strange how things go in and out of fashion. Macrame was the thing then, and lo it’s back again! I really like the springiness of a conifer forest, and the smell too.

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    1. Too right. I was hoping there would be some macrame in these, but there wasn’t 😦
      As I said before, I’m not mad on pines, but that particular bit has a really magical feel and you should see the way the dogs bounce through it enjoying the springiness.

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  6. What a great week, and such lovely woods to walk in. I just love your area, so open and peaceful.
    Those books looks very interesting, looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.
    Well done on all the wool and ball winding, they sure are pretty and soft. 🙂
    Enjoy the week and take care. 🙂

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      1. I can imagine your shoulders being tired after all that. I can do a few balls at a time only.
        Great week so far, midweek again, how time is passing to quickly these days. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the week there.

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      2. Indeed. Mid Feb already, and the end of a very busy week in SA. 🙂 Weekend around the corner and some great sporting events lined up, great rugby weekend too. Time to enjoy a bbq and support the teams.
        Enjoy your weekend and have a good one. 🙂

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      3. 🙂 We are all looking forward and feeling very positive, although it will be a tough job for the President.
        Hope the Craft 4 Crafters was good, I always love to go to anything crafty. We have our yearly Hobby X (Expo) coming first weekend in March. It covers all hobbies, not some not so hobby related, but still good to go. Some of the items on special is worth it, and I get to stock up on International magazines at next to nothing. 🙂
        Have a great week, we have a lovely overcast Monday morning after some good rain during the night too.

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      4. Craft 4 Crafters is an odd one. There are a lot of traders selling craft supplies rather than people who’s hearts are in being crafty – although there are some people who are. And definitely no wool, just loads of cheap acrylic 😦 So feels a bit a ‘clinical’ rather than crafty, but a good place to get some basic bits and bobs, and sometimes something that’s a nice surprise is there, and always good to have a day out with friends.

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  7. If only I could cut out the cake! I have never felt such a heffalump. I blame it on the weather…and think Wil is turning into a feeder. You do look good in your cycling gear. I have never tried tofu. I do like a quorn chilli. X

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    1. Thanks – although I have a long way to go and if you could see how fat my face looks squashed up by the cowl, because I put it right around my head to keep my ears warm, you might think differently.
      Ha ha! I’m sure Will’s no such thing – but I know how you feel. I’ve had to train my hubby out of bringing me little treats of chocolate every time he returns from work.
      Wish I liked quorn chilli, I’m not really a fan of pretend meat.


      1. Haha well trained hubby. I blame this time of year. Still to miserable for wanting to eat light things. I like quorn chilli as long as its quite spicy. Definitely needs something to make it tastier. X

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      2. I have a lot of soup this time of year. Homemade to keep calories down and made in a vast batch and frozen, so it’s not too time consuming making it. Don’t tell anyone, but I also dunk my sandwich in it, so I don’t need to use marg or butter xx

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  8. Are you sure that’s really you in that first photo!? Maybe a slimmer version, you’re looking very trim. Gosh, but it looks cold, you’re braver than me at the minute, I’m struggling to get out there for anything, even the golf clubs are gathering dust.
    The tofu looks interesting. I’m wondering if its low fat and high in protein? Maybe good for my salads for work.
    I’m so behind Becki and I am unlikely to catch up on everyone’s blog but I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re up to and keeping up to date from now on. xx

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      1. Ha ha! Read this after I replied to your comment and think I may have said i only looked trim because I was so ‘bandaged up’. I think they call it the Egyptian mummy effect – if you unwind an Egyptian mummy, you’ll discover they were great big bloaters under all those bandages 😉

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      2. Yep the real battle is keeping the weight off once you’ve lost the weight. Nut not having your own kitchen certainly doesn’t help. Plus other people have things in their cupboards you want to eat that you might have left in the supermarket to avoid them leading you astray. Is a new home on the near horizon? I hope so.
        Sorry, I didn’t answer your earlier question, yes tofu is high in protein and reasonably low on fat. I think – but don’t quote me – it has all the amino acids an adult needs, so good if you are replacing meat with it and obviously less fat that most, maybe all? meats. There are lots of different flavours made by the company that made the basil one. I haven’t tried any others yet and our local Waitrose only has a couple of flavours. Can’t find it in any other local supermarket, but I am in the middle of a farming community, so far fewer vegetarians and we’re a bit of a backwater, so I’m sure you’ll have more luck in cosmopolitan Leeds. 🙂


    1. Hello. Thanks for visiting. So good to hear from you. Life definitely gets too busy for blogging at times and I totally understand you can’t catch up with everyone and everything when you do have five minutes. But i do miss, you, so delighted you’ve dropped by. I’m also trying to Instagram more, but it’s just not as chatty or friendly as blogging for me.
      Sorry to hear you’re not even getting to your golf clubs. Hang on in there, things will calm down and meantime, don’t forget I often think of you and do skip to you blog occasionally to make sure I haven’t missed anything.
      Ha ha! I’ve only lost half a stone and I definitely need to lose a good bit more – but I’m on a roll – or rather a lifestyle change – so going well. But I think that cowl must pull my chubby cheeks in 🙂 It was absolutely freezing with a hideous windchill. I agreed to go before I knew how cold it was and when we left I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have to turn back, but I made it to the tearoom to warm up and the wind had dropped on the way back. Mind I haven’t been out on my bike since, and am not going to until it’s warmer! Take care m’dear. xxx

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