Sunday Sevens – 25th February

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

On Sunday last week the weather forecasters were telling us it was going to get colder as the week went on. Quite frankly it was already cold enough – a good day for staying in and sorting out my button collection…


It actually got warmer on Monday, but the fog rolled in…


The bright cold weather returned Tuesday…


My roots also returned to being blonder. Here’s the before and after.

More bright walks as the week went on, including a lovely walk with the terrible trio. No posing in puddles for these guys…


On one walk we spotted this bird box. It was huge. Anyone know what sort of bird lives in a house like this?

Apologies it’s a bit blurred.

As the winter Olympics has progressed, I’ve got more and more hooked on curling. Shame we didn’t quite manage a medal…


When the Dartmoor Otter Trail finished last year, the otters were auctioned off. This week I found this one, I hadn’t see first time round, in Tavistock…


As for lovely hubby, this week he built us another log store from recycled palettes…

Log store

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Thanks for dropping by.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 25th February

  1. Thank goodness for the cold, sunny weather (here too) – it’s started to dry out the mud.
    Must get my roots done too – isn’t it funny how they aren’t there and then, suddenly they are?

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  2. It’s turned cold and wet here too – and its supposed to be the last of the summer heat! Lovely blonde roots – I’m glad you have some dogs to walk with even if they aren’t puddle posers and the log store is very impressive! Have a great week Bekki – I collect two Americans off their many planes this morning, our Bloggers Reunion is on!! xoxo

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  3. Beautiful out there, whether it is foggy or sunny. I see the trio loves it just as much. That is an interesting bird house. Could it be owls?
    Cute otter, I like this one. Your log store is perfect, and I love your hair.
    Curling is not really catching on here, we need more ice I guess. 😉
    Have a great week and happy crafting.

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    1. You know dogs, they know how to enjoy life 🙂
      I wondered about owls too.
      To be honest, we rarely have much ice ourselves and the British curling team is really Scottish 🙂 However, I watched an interview with Lizzie Yarnold last night and she said, because there is no ice skeleton track in the UK, most of her training is just getting fit in the gym and she had only done 6 runs on ice prior to the Olympics and she won the gold medal!
      Thanks for all the compliments. You have a great week too xx

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  4. Hmm, I’m going to show hubby the log store idea. We’ve got an old Anderson shelter that currently does the job, but it’s at the end of the garden and we could do with one right outside the back door. He loves to get his hammer out occasionally. Oops, just re-read that and it sounds like a euphemism:)

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    1. Ha ha! Don’t need to know about that thank you 😉
      We do have a small hut that stores our logs and half the barn is full of logs – all near the house. Mine was just trying to make more room in the barn. We’ve had so many diseased trees down, so we have a lot a logs.
      One tip if he does make one, is that at that height it started bowing when he was filling it and that’s why there is that wooden bar across the middle.


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