Progress on my goals for 2018 – two months in.

Yes, I know, another month has whizzed by and is already becoming a fading memory. So, since February’s been and gone, it’s high time I did my monthly review on this year’s goals. Here’s how I’ve done…

Make a gift a least once a month on average

This month I sent Lovely Eldest one of my sheep coasters

To give random gifts (gifts not attached to birthdays, house moves, Christmas etc) at least 6 times this year

The coaster was a random gift – but I’m not sure gifts to daughters count, since random gifts to daughters are are part of mummy code in my book.

Felted Sheep Coaster

Make the Dartmoor Yarn Company a more ecofriendly business

Grrr. I have made two very minor steps in this direction: I added the Sheep Coasters to the shop, which are completely biodegradable, and selling wool on cones reduces packaging. But it’s really not good enough on my part. I do have two other plans. One I just need to get on the website and change the way I offer things – no excuses, need to get on with that. The other is more about recycling and I haven’t had time to sort that out, so will make a priority goal for March.

Become and remain UFO free all year.

I have made some cushions from the NYS fabric that I was counting as a UFO, because it had been hanging around so long. But I need to make more to count as a whole FO completed.


I’ve also added a few squares to my mitred square cushion.


Experiment/play/learn once a week

I’ve been working on my new kit – but it’s frustrating me, so I haven’t got on as fast as I should. Although several prototypes have been knitted.

Test 606

I’ve also been learn/experimenting in the spinning direction during February, so all good with this goal.

Write up my outstanding knitting patterns then write them up within two weeks of object/garment completion.

This is where I really notice that time has flown. I felt as if I had this goal properly in my sights, but all I’ve done is publish the Sheep Sock pattern and the Paw Prints Sock pattern. Both of which were already written up before the end of Jan.

Spin for 15 minutes a day when possible

Opps! Spinning hasn’t been quite so frequent, but as I said above, I have done some…

Always have some knitting using yarn from my stash on my needles

Opps! This one isn’t happening. Yes, my UFO scarf is stash yarn, but I haven’t done more than a dozen rows this month. At this rate it’s going to take me 18 months to finish it.


Finish the quilt I started in 2017

Not yet touched, but I want to get the other quicker unfinished sewing projects out of the way first. Problem is I could end up making that excuse all year.

All in all, I think I’ll award myself a C+ could do better. However, the point of reviewing is:

  1. To remind myself of what I haven’t done.
  2. Check in with myself about the reasons I haven’t done  what I said I wanted to do.
  3. Give myself a kick up the bum to do things I need to do.
  4. Recognise things I don’t really want to do and let them go.

So off to have a think about those things.

How’s your crafting fared in February, whether you set goals or not?

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Progress on my goals for 2018 – two months in.

  1. The scary thing is that it’s March already. How did that happen?
    I’ve not made any goals as usual but I had in mind to get out a couple of UFOs and get them done. One is now finished, the other is still ‘in mind’. Now my hand feels better, I’ve started up with my socks again but it’s slow progress on small needles and fine wool, next time I’m going to try a chunkier pair – maybe with sheep on them 😉 it’s about time I tried some colour work. What size needles does your pattern use? I’ve also made a pair of trousers for youngest daughter which I’ve been meaning to do for ages and have got into dressmaking mode again – or at least I have bought lots of dressmaking fabric, does that count?

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  2. I don’t have monthly goals, but I did start two big things in January. I truly thought I would be farther along with them by now. But I am not, and not through lack of effort. I think they are each bigger than I expected at the outset. As a result, I am still working on them, but allowing myself to do more spinning and cast on another smaller project that also needs to be done soon. I still am enjoying the Ravely challenge tab, it helps me stay focused on what I want to do this year.

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    1. Sound like you’re really doing well and that the Ravellry challenge is really working for you 🙂 Not that I’ve even spotted that or know what it is 🙂 Know how you feel about things taking longer than you though – always seems to be that way and rarely that they take less!

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      1. The ravelry challenge is something they set up at the beginning of the year. You can likely find it if you scroll back through posts on their home page. Simply choose a number of projects to complete for the uear, and put complete by dates on projects and queue and it tracks them in a challenge tab on your projects page. Easy and a good reminder

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      2. I know it could be. But you can adjust the number upward or downward at any time. So I am using it very much like you are using your blog – to keep me motivated and focused.

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      3. Makes sense, It’s funny though, because I hear what you’re saying and I’m well aware we don’t all get motivated by the same methods, and, as you you say you’re using it very much like I use my blog to aid motivation, yet somehow the idea just puts me off 🙂

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  3. I don’t seem to need to set myself goals as other people set them for me in the way of “Ooh, I’d love some socks/shawl/scarf like that…”. Having knitted some socks for my SIL, my brother dropped a hint – nay, stated – that he’d like a pair for his birthday in May! Daughter’s boyfriend stated disappointed that he did’t get any for Christmas. I also have two other “commissions” in the pipeline. I’m interested to see how you’re planning on making the business more eco-friendly. Pleased to see that you’re making time to spin, too, even if not as regularly as you’d like.

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  4. Keeping track like that makes it look so much easier and better to know exactly what is going on. Sometimes I wish I was more organized, but alas, it comes and goes. 🙂
    I adore your cushions. They are so stylish and suit your place so well. 🙂

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    1. Blogging it definitely helps me work at keeping tracked and being organised. Glad you like the cushions – the fabric is fab. I did try to centre the pattern, but it was so large it would have been far too wasteful.

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      1. Absolutely. That fabric is stunning. It is always so nice to have pretty cushions for one’s home. I tend to update mine regularly. 🙂 But I really need to make or knit “Christmas” covers for the holidays. One day 🙂

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  5. I love your goals – such a great New Year resolution to have, I’m doing something similar as I’m determined to finish all the UFOs I’ve got knocking around. There’s such a great sense of satisfaction when you tick another one off the list!

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