Sunday Sevens – 11th March

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday Lovely Husband fixed the log shed that has been blown over by the Siberian wind…



He also conceded that he really did need to clear the snowdrift on the drive.


On Monday I cadged a lift up country with him and, after his first meeting, we headed for a dear friend’s house in Nottinghamshire. She cooked us a delicious vegetarian chilli and my not-so-dry March continued…


On Tuesday my friend and I went for a lovely long walk…


…and managed to just about burn off a bottle of wine’s worth of calories each…


After spending another night with our friends, we headed off to visit the in laws, who took us out for a pub lunch…


On the way home we met up with some friends in Warwickshire for tea in their local…


Although there’d been a lot of rain while we were away, there was still plenty of snow around on Thursday morning…


There’s still snow left today, where large accumulations occurred, but the final remnants were gone from our garden on Saturday  morning. The temperature rose to ten degrees and I finally got out in the garden. I started digging weeds from this well neglected flower bed…


But quickly got distracted cutting ivy off a couple of our trees and digging up some plants that I’m not keen on.


Hope you’ve had a great week.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 11th March

      1. I’m telling myself this is a lifestyle change – so although I will relax with myself once I’m the weight I want to be, I’m hoping to be able to retain the mindset that certain things don’t happen any more or only happen in moderation.

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  1. Wasn’t the snow delightful? Your driveway looks like quite a task to clear! I loved seeing all the children out sledging – so much laughter and fun. I think they have the best attitude to snow!

    Looks as if you have been very social – the food looks yummy!

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    1. It was, although I felt so sorry for all the animals out in it. Hubby only cleared the two large drifts on the drive – we didn’t go out in the car until Monday, so being a gravel drive the rest was mushy enough to drive over.
      The food was lovely – my friend we stayed two night with is a fantastic cook!


  2. The clearing of driveways is never something I have had to do – I so admire those who do the job! You have put away some rather tasty looking dishes this week I see, I did too – now it’s back to my usual plain and simple fare and the hope those extra kilos might melt away again 🙂 It’s definitely autumnal here, so spring can’t be too far away for you xoxo

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    1. Hubby told me Friday morning he wasn’t going to clear the snow and we would simply drive over the drifts in the 4×4, but on Sunday he conceded if we were going to go out Monday, he’d have to clear hem.
      I’m sure the kilos will melt once you go back to your usual routine. Hate to sound smug, but I managed to stick to healthy lower cal stuff – apart from the wine – and my lovely friend knew I was dieting, so cooked obligingly. Yes, much warmer now and birds are singing – unfortunately back to the damp wet stuff too.

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  3. Some very yummy meals there. I cannot help but be drawn to the food! Managed to walk a good 10 miles yesterday but only 3 miles today. I scived off walking Hugo this aft ( let him spen quality time with his dad 😄) and watched a rom com on telly instead. X

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  4. Have you finished depriving yourself of food and drink now then? When are you going to show us your svelte new self (not that you needed renewing) – are you saving up for a big reveal?
    Does Lovely Husband always look so happy, no matter what drudgery he’s involved in? Mine cleared out the garden pond on Saturday – on my suggestion as I couldn’t see the fish any more – and he looked (and sounded) far from happy 😦

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    1. I wish. I’ve still go another stone to go. Have lost 16lbs since mid Jan though 🙂 Was thinking I’d do a dry March, but as you see led off the straight and narrow last week and the week before. Now I’m home and no excuses of being snowed in, I’m being good again, but did have a small glass of wine with my dinner Saturday evening.
      Of course he does – how could he fail to be happy at all times when he’s married to me?
      😉 I’m sure your hubby is just the same, he only looked and sounded not happy, because he was tired from the work 🙂

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  5. Such a nice week, and such nice times with friends and family over yummy delicious meals. Awesome.
    So glad it is less snowy and you even got into the garden. 🙂 will be looking like Spring soon.
    Have an awesome week.

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    1. I do wish I could see our friends (and daughters) more often that we do – but life gets in the way on both sides 😦 Really feeling like spring today – although forecast for the rest of the week is not so good. How’s you autumn shaping up this week? Any rain?

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