The New Man in my Life

Don’t panic, I haven’t traded Lovely Husband in for a new one.

My new man is 15 month old Harry, who moved in with us as his new forever home two weeks ago.


Although we found Harry through the Golden Retriever rescue, he’s come from a good home where they were very sad to have to say goodbye to him.Β  He’s a lovely boy and we’re very lucky to have him.


I’m sure I’ll posting more pics as he helps me with my knitting and, of course, on Sunday Sevens.

Bekki x

27 thoughts on “The New Man in my Life

  1. Well done on providing this gorgeous guy with his forever home. You’ve got so much to give each other…and he’s sooo handsome. Look forward to watching his progress. Have fun x

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  2. An adolescent! I know, goldies are always adolescents really but, they’re still a bit leggy with a bit of fluff around the ears still at 15 months aren’t they?
    Of course, he will never replace Mr. Hicks but I’m sure he’ll bring his own bag of tricks into your life and enrich it in lots of new and endearing ways.
    Yes, you are lucky to have him but, of course, he is equally lucky to have you!!
    Bring on the walks, wallows and photos. xx
    (A big welcome too from Stan and Flo – Taz having gone over the Rainbow Bridge in November 😒)

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    1. He is – just a big puppy still.
      Thank Stan and Flo for the welcome too. While I was absent I did visit your blog a few times to check on Taz, but I can’t have looked since you lost him. I’m so sorry to hear he’s headed off to join HRH at the rainbow bridge. Will away to your blog – I assume you posted xx


  3. Hi Becky, it is really lovely to hear from you again, really missed your blogs! So glad that you have a new best friend, I would be lost without my Alfie. Xx

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  4. I knew immediately I saw your title – hurrah for all of you! Mr Hicks leaves a wonderful legacy for Harry to step into and carry further along. Does your heart just burst with happiness when you snuggle him? We need to have our doggies to love and I am so glad you have found your new boy. I’m going to look forward to getting to know Harry as you keep us posted via pics and the odd sentence or two……….

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    1. Oh Yes, so wonderful to have a new fury member of the family. I was past ready as I was struggling so with my health last year, but as I’m good now and hubby is having a few months off so we’re sharing the job. Not that it’s not enjoyable, but as I’m sure you know a large young dog needs a lot of input and I was a lot younger when Mr Hicks was Harry’s age xx

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      1. Siddy’s puppy days have passed into family legend – all I remember was being totally exhausted…….. but so worth it in the end. It’s so wonderful that you have your hubby’s presence and support for this crrucial time!

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  5. Harry. What a very impressive name. πŸ™‚ He is going to be just as cute.
    It is always sad when they have to move house, but in this case, I think young Harry has indeed found a wonderful home. What a lucky fellow. He already looks very much at home, and we look forward to seeing much more of him.
    Have a lovely day and take care. πŸ™‚

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    1. Well we think he is. You’re right, big shoes to fill, but he has such a completely different personality and is a bit of a clown, so I think he’s up for the job. Pleased to say he doesn’t seem to have the wallow in puddles gene. Mind this time of year it’s so muddy anyway he’s covered with mud after ever walk. xx

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