Sunday Sevens 2019 #1

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens : A post were I share seven or so photos of my week away from the blog. Sunday Sevens was invented by Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Since we’ve had Harry, we’ve started to re-explore the old dog walks we used to do when Mr Hicks was young and spritely.  Last Sunday we walked along the river at Fatherford – haven’t been here for several years…

Lots of lovely trees to play hide and seek behind.

After our walk I managed to fit in a little patchwork…


Unfortunately our afternoon walk on Monday was disaster. While walking with a friend who has a young and incredibly excitable dog, her dog took her feet from under her and she broke her ankle. No pic to show you – well it would have been mean to start taking pictures.

Tuesday evening a friend’s daughter came round for me to turn up her ball gown.

It was so lovely – I really should have taken a pic of her in it! Doh!

On Wednesday we had the first snow of the winter. Not a lot, but enough to stop the school buses running and for my friend’s boys to bring their sledges on a dog walk.


With the weather turning colder, I made some soup to warm our cockles…

Roasted butternut squash and garlic ready to be liquidised.

Thursday we had more snow – most of which was unpredicted and fell just as it was getting dark and people were travelling home from work. (I would have said ‘rush hour’ but if you’ve ever been to West Devon you’d just laugh.) Lots of people in the South West were stuck in their cars overnight. Fortunately we were tucked up safely at home and on Friday we  had a lovely snowy dog walk on the moor…



In the evening we walked to the pub, only to remember half an hour later that I’d forgotten to move the casserole to the bottom of the aga. Fortunately my lovely next door neighbour had come in her car, so gave me an emergency lift back home. I caught it just as it was about to completely dry out and start to burn. Here’s my share rejuvenated just before we ate it…


On Saturday we rounded the week off with more snowy dog walks…


So that was my week; sewing, cooking, looking after an animal and not going to the ball. Just call me Cinderella.

Hope you’ve had a great great week.

Bekki x

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #1

  1. Well Cinderella, that was a quietly eventful week The first photo took my breath away – I thought it was Mr Hicks rejuvenated! How is Harry doing, are you all settled in together? He looks very happy! I remember that quilting, it’s growing 🙂

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    1. The pic I took of Harry that took my breath away was one of the first I took of him lying on Hick’s settee – it could have been Hicks, although apart from being Goldies they don’t really look alike.
      He’s doing very well thanks. Was a bit worried his politeness would evaporate after a couple of weeks, but so far so good. He really is a lovely dog. Were very lucky to have him.
      Will post more of the quilting in the week – hopefully! xx

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    1. Not a lot! Just a few inches basically. I know, it’s pathetic. Although to be fair a big part of the problem was the snow wasn’t predicted for Cornwall so the roads weren’t gritted and there’s only one main trunk road through all of Cornwall and a half of Devon. Once that’s in trouble the whole place jams up.

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  2. Well I shall call you Fairy Godmother because you enabled Cinderella to go to the ball. What a lovely week, apart from your friend’s ankle, that must have been quite an incident to deal with two dogs, hospital etc. Glad you rescued your dinner, easily done.
    Can I ask about your patchwork please. How many squares of fabric can you cut at once? Also how did you join them- was it in strips? Thank you.


    1. Oh yes, I like being a fairy godmother 🙂
      Fortunately lovely husband was around to round up the dogs. Until he arrived I basically lent over her leg to protect it while the dogs carried on playing!
      I think I’ve only ever cut through a couple of layers of fabric at a time – if that’s what you mean.
      When you say strips do you mean chain piecing where you sew together a couple of squares (or other shapes) together then the next two without breaking the thread, so you end up with a chain of pairs sewn together?

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  3. A beautiful week, so nice to see all the woods and forest and snow out there. I know it is probably chilly, but your food and cooking sure makes up for it and keeps all very nice and warm.
    I can see Harry is loving the country living, he seems to enjoy the snow just as much as any kid does. 🙂
    Enjoy the new week, keep warm, and happy crafting. 🙂

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  4. Just returned from my own snowy walk though mine is much more vertiginous so how I’ve managed to stay upright for so long is beyond me especially as my old German Shepherd used to regularly take my legs out from beneath me, usually by running past holding a 4 foot long ‘stick’ in her mouth.
    Harry is delightful and so brave not to be worried about those yeti footprints on the path beside him.
    Glad to see you’ve not abandoned the patchwork – looking forward to seeing it progress.

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