PJ Bottoms and advice please

I know it’s not rocket science, but given I don’t think I’ve made any clothes for myself since I made my wedding dress 30 years ago…



…I’m very excited to have made a pair of PJ bottoms.

I was too mean to spend £10 on a pattern, so decided to make one from my existing PJ bottoms. But then I found a free pattern. I know, I should have known better. I did do some measurement checking and decided to make a size smaller than was supposed to fit me. Unfortunately the legs still seemed far too wide, so I lopped 4″ off their width, but I still think they’re too wide…


Never mind they’re only for wearing in bed.

Meantime I’m thinking I’d like to make myself some more clothes – I know, I’ve been watching too much Sewing Bee. Any recommendations for good patterns to choose?


21 thoughts on “PJ Bottoms and advice please

  1. You cannot be serious! Anybody who made their own wedding dress – and how adorable did you look by the way? – cannot possibly be worried about making pyjama bottoms.
    What sort of patterns are you looking for? Dress, skirt, trousers? WInter, Summer outfits? Cotton, stretch? Do you have something in mind?
    If you can be more specific we will have lots of pattern advice for you. (although I’m off to the U.K. tomorrow so might not be a bit late with mine as I will be bonding with eldest daughter, enjoying the local hostelries, dining out on fish and chips, Indian food and M & S meals for 2 at 10 quid including wine and shopping).

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    1. Thank you. 30 years is a long time and if I’m honest I’m not very pleased with them – should have bought a pattern!
      Patterns – and absolutely no rush: Casual dresses and tops – winter or summer. I’m thinking of getting Harry to buy me Tilly and Buttons jersey fabric course for mothers day, so stretchy would be good, but non stretchy too would be good.
      Have a lovely lovely time with your daughter xx


      1. Just arrived in sunny Bournemouth and daughter not home from work yet so I’m on my second cup of tea and trying to resist a second M & S salted caramel and chocolate hot cross buns which I have chosen to assume she bought in for my benefit. I smelt fish and chips as I was walking up the road from the coach stop so that’s definitely planned for tonight along with a bottle of wine and last night’s Sewing Bee episode.
        Anyway, as a first suggestion, as you’re thinking of a TATB workshop anyway, what about her Coco dress. Very adaptable and practical – no buttons or zips and definitely fits the bill for a casual, easy to wear dress. Should set you back off on the dressmaking route nicely.

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      2. Hello. Sounds as if you were settling in well. Hope you’re having a fab weekend and enjoyed your fish and chips.
        I have been looking at the cocoa pattern and although it would work as a top for me, I’m not sure the dress would be flattering with my hips. Mind I was also thinking since I posted that life’s too short to make your own clothes – so many other things calling too. Oh! I do get frustrated with myself being such a flibbertigibbet!


  2. You made that dress??? OMG! It and you in it – gorgeous!

    Yes the pants are baggy but the look comfortable.

    I have a few patterns from 100Acts of Seeing, very simple and basic and customizable. I haven’t done much sewing lately, so haven’t got anything to show for owning these patterns, but I sweat I will one day.


  3. Your dress is amazing, I love the design and details. You looked beautiful. 🙂
    I also think the pants may be a bit baggy, but as you say, its for bed.
    I am afraid I sew terrible, so no luck there. All the best with getting the info you need.

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  4. Ha – good old Eighties fashion! I was married in ‘87 in an ivory leg-o’-mutton sleeved dress, too, made by my mother! Have you read Lucie’s post about the four levels of confidence? It definitely applies to you if you’re questioning your ability after having dived in head first to make your own wedding dress. Yes, Tilly’s “Coco” is a great place to start. I’ve made plenty of wedding dresses but still happily whip up the odd “Coco” as the results are consistently good.

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    1. Hello. Great to hear from you.
      We got married in ’88. Confidence of youth I guess making my own dress – and poverty.
      I haven’t but I think you’re talking about the 4 levels learning model about becoming more fearful once you move form not knowing how little you know to realising how much there is to learn. That’s certainly a factor!


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