Sunday Sevens 2019 #7

It’s been another very wet and windy week. Fortunately last Sunday was dry enough in the morning to go for a walk with our friends who were visiting from up north and have brunch on the platform at Okehampton station.


After they’d gone home Harry watched Crufts on catch up…


Of course he wasn’t too impressed with the winner.

About two weeks after Harry arrived my walking boots gained a hole in them. I’ve been searching for a pair that fit me ever since. On Monday I went out in search again.  I couldn’t find any boots, but I did buy a pair of walking trousers, some wellie boot socks and two beds for Harry – all in the sale.


Tuesday was the wettest walk of a very wet week. Too wet to stop and take pics, but here’s Harry when we got back…


Wednesday we lost the pub quiz as usual. This week’s question that really bugged us was…

Whose catch phrase is ‘You’re having a laugh’ and what programme is it on? We knew we’d heard it, but couldn’t place it. Answer at the end, if you’re playing along.

It’s been so wet this week, Lovely Husband has been practising his golf indoors…


As for me, I’ve been doing a bit of DYC work…


I also discovered the mouse I told you about before has been nibbling one of my UFOs…


This one didn’t even make it to my Frog or Finish Nine for 2019, so not too disappointed it’s turned into a compulsory frog. (To be honest it’s a bit of a relief.)

Out and about between downpours, I took Harry to meet my friend’s goats to see how he’d react to smaller livestock. Although initially cautious of the bigger goats, he wanted to chase the smaller ones when they ran. So he needs more work there and definitely still on the lead when sheep are nearby.


After a wet miserable week things seemed to be picking up yesterday. Finally a dry walk in the morning…


…. and boots that fit me arrived in the post.

I really want to support bricks and mortar local shops, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

But the wind and rain were back by the afternoon. Took this photo on our second walk of the water pouring through the gorge as it ran down into the Devil’s Cauldron…



Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,


Answer to question: Ricky Gervais on Extras – no wonder I didn’t know it, I can’t bear Ricky Gervais, but LH does sneak it on, so I guess that’s why I’d heard it. Needless to say LH wasn’t at the quiz or we’d have got the answer.

32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #7

  1. Whenever I feel a pull to move back to the U.K., you remind me about the rain. Let’s hope – after the B word comes to pass – I still have a choice in the matter.
    I didn’t get the pub quiz question – although I did watch all the ‘Extras’. It’s the other way round in our house as I quite like Ricky Gervais (although he does get on my nerves a bit) whereas Mr. Tialys can’t stand him.Do you watch ‘Upstart Crow’? There’s a character in that who I believe is a parody of RG and is, therefore, equally annoying – although in a deliberate way.

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  2. No I didn’t know the quiz answer either! Poor wet Harry. Bad mouse. But if it forced a frogging maybe a good thing? Those balls of wool look really good. I could do with some good walking trousers and new boots. Wellies are not ideal.

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  3. I’ve got leaky walking boots too. 😦 I’ve been living in my wellies but really need to get some new boots. I’m not a big Ricky G fan. However I do like him more than I used too. I quite liked his sitcom Derek which is set in an old people’s home. Also he is a big fan of animals and wildlife. So that’s good to know! X

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Think it’s only just arrived there. We both agreed the language is awful and unnecessary, but hubby said he found it both moving and funny. What I saw I thought was awful – but you knew I’d say that xx


      2. I’ve watched it all..
        If you can get your head round the bad language , I think you will like this show. Made me laugh. Made me cry more. Totally fell in love with the dog of course. So many great characters in it. Xz

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  4. Ooooh lots of rain! I went through two lots of walking boots last winter it was so wet here – I’m hoping for a reprieve this coming season, but not holding my breath. Siddy got stalked by some kind of greyhound affair in the park yesterday who, according to his owner, thought Siddy was ‘prey’. I thought the owner was just a dick and needed to socialise his dog but of course was far too polite to say that. I did say he needed to muzzle his dog in public playgrounds if it was going to pick on dogs one eighth its size…… Not a good meeting. The balls of yarn look yummy. I hope the mouse doesn’t find them! Hi Harry! ❤

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    1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the greyhound. The ones we meet here are almost always ex racing so have never seen a dog that isnt a greyhound, so dont realise what they are and are completely unsocialised. Sounds like the one you met definitely needs a muzzle. Poor Hicks got bitten by one that lunged at him through a bench when Hicks was minding his own business, sniffing a scent and not even aware of the greyhound! Hope your incident didn’t shake you and Siddy too much. Big hugs from me and Harry to you both xx

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      1. Siddy has completely forgotten about it and I had too really – no harm done. I hadn’t thought about the unsocialised aspect of the working greyhound. Siddy told a young pup off today who was bouncing on him too much though – maybe hes getting tetchy in his old age 🙂

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      2. Glad Siddy’s let it go. I’ve met quite a range of ex-working greyhounds. Some are much better than others, but most seem to need to stay on the lead for years – if not forever – because they can’t be trusted.
        I’m sure it did the puppy the world of good to be told off – they need to learn their boundaries. How old is Siddy now?


  5. I would love to have some of that rain you are having. We are so terribly dry here.

    Like you I bought my walking boots on line. So much cheaper than the local shop. I still try to do most of my buying at the local shops but sometimes it is just not worth it economically.

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    1. Sorry we can’t send you any of our rain.
      It is hard that local shops just can’t compete with online retailers – they have so many overheads – but of course we all only have a certain budget, so can’t afford to just go buying everything locally. Not that that was my problem. I would have bought local if anyone had sold some boots that fitted me!

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  6. We had a warmer and rainy week as well, so lots of snow melt here, I think we are making a major move toward spring.

    Even though the boots had to be bought on line, the other things you bought supported local business, so that’s good. You can only do what you can with what’s available, right?

    That mouse! I hope he didn’t get into any thing else! Have you gotten rid of him yet? Or found a way to store precious fabric and wool? He might eat something you aren’t happy to frog someday!

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    1. Hope the snow isn’t melting too fast and causing problems.

      Mice in my experience are pretty much inevitable wherever you live. Not found anything else – yet. I hate trapping them, but unfortunately it has to be done. We used to have a human trap and Hubby used to drive them miles on his way to work before letting them out. These days we don’t tend to go very far every day and it’s said they have to got a very long way to not come back.

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    1. It was. I was very pleased with the boots. I refuse to buy really ugly men’s ones to get the size – although they’re usually the wrong shape for my foot anyway, because it might be large, but it’s woman shaped.

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      1. These are stunning. I love your boots.
        I sometimes have to also order online, since my feet is the most standard size around here, and therefore are mostly already sold out in the stores. Thank goodness for online stores too.


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