Heartfelt Revisited

Nearly two years ago – Yes! Nearly two whole years ago – I finished my Heartfelt Cardigan. I’d designed it to replace my incredibly old and dilapidated cream Aran cardigan that I wore practically all the time around the house.


I knitted my new cardigan in grey to make it wearable with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, given I wear a lot of blue…


…but somehow, although I love it, although I wear it, it doesn’t get the wear the cream one got. In fact I still wear the cream one occasionally, even thought it’s so manky.

When I finished my tuck stitch sweater a couple of weeks ago I started looking for a newΒ  knitting project.


I looked at loads of patterns and finally decided I’d knit Heartfelt in cream and when it’s finished I really will through my old cream cardigan in the bin. Decision made that only left the problem that I never finished writing up the pattern – have you forgiven me for that yet Lynn? So I took out my tape measure and notepad and started measuring and counting.

I’ve started the back, and this time I’m going to write the pattern up properly as I go along!


Until next time,

Bekki x


10 thoughts on “Heartfelt Revisited

  1. Oh, now you’re going to write a pattern! Have you seen what I’ve let myself in for in the meantime? πŸ™„
    Of course, I forgive you, you have been poorly after all and writing a knitting pattern – and a cabled one at that – must be difficult and time consuming.
    I also have a cream Aran cardigan I sling on without thinking on cold mornings to wear about the place. I didn’t knit it but somebody did so I couldn’t leave it to its fate in the market where I found it and it’s so very comfy.

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    1. Thank you for your forgiveness. I haven’t seen what you’ve now let yourself in for, but let’s face i, by the time I’ve written Heartfelt up you’ll have finished that project and be ready for my pattern πŸ™‚
      Well done for the cream Aran Cardi rescue. I do wonder if the problem with the grey one is that it’s new and needs more wearing out.


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