In the craft room

Thought I’d show you a couple of odd bits and bobs I’ve been working on, that don’t need a full post, before I forget them.

I started working on this small sweater a last week for our great nephew expected in June…

I’ve knitted this in self patterning yarn, for an easy knit without looking in the car. Not very pleased with the dark blue at the top – but also thinking it’s not helping that there’s no sleeve on that side. What do you think?

Various people have sponsored the acoustic clouds that have been bought for our village hall. These clouds are now being adored with a reminder of who sponsored them. For some reason I ended up felting on the bell ringers bell – managed to get out of actually making it though. So don’t give me any credit for that…


The other not so small bit I’be been working on is my patchwork quilt. Ditches have been sewn!

Hopefully you can see the sewn lines more clearly on the reverse side.

Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time,

Bekki x


17 thoughts on “In the craft room

    1. Thank you. That’s made me feel a lot better about the blue.
      The clouds hang them from the ceiling and make the sound sound better in some way when music is played or performed. You can tell I don’t really know. I’m tone deaf too, so don’t really care either.


  1. I like the dark blue – it gives the patterning more definition.
    Well done with the quilting – I’ve got the baby foxy quilt spray basted and ready to go under the machine. I’ll probably not bother with any hand quilting in this instance as I think there will be enough done on the machine to keep it ‘quilty’ and the recipient wouldn’t appreciate the difference anyway.

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    1. Thank you. Great to have another vote for the blue too.
      Looking forward to the next instalment of the foxy quilt. I have a couple of fat quarters of jungle fabric and your foxy quilt is tempting me to make one for the new arrival.


  2. If it REALLY bothers you, could you use duplicate stitch to embroider a one-row dark blue line over the white? And then, after doing that, maybe even carefully cut out the white from under the duplicate stitch? Leaving tails to weave in at the ends.

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    1. Now that’s an idea. Thanks, I hadn’t though of that. I might just give it a go. Of course that does destroy the initial plan that it was a pay no attention make. But there you go, cheats rarely prosper ๐Ÿ™‚ Great idea. Thank you!


  3. I love self striping yarn but it is annoying when it does that. The second sleeve and the baby will stop people seeing it! Very impressive quilting. Jolly glad we didn’t have to do that on our beginners quilts. I love te felted bell.


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