Sunday Sevens 2019 #8

Hello. Welcome to my Sunday Sevens.

My Sunday Sevens is usually about what I’ve been up to in my little corner of Devon, but this week, like many, I’ve been in awe of the dignified and loving and response of the New Zealanders to the Christchurch shootings. So I’d like to start by sending my love to all and a wish that this rising positivity ultimately builds something far better in our world. If you have a minute you might like to read my beautiful  friend Pauline King’s post about her country’s ‘Black Friday’ which reduced me to tears.

Back to my more personal week,  it stared off last Sunday with a trip to Rock and a walk along the beach…


…then through the sand dunes and along the cliff…


… to Daymer Bay, where we were wowed by the skills of the kite surfers…


I spent Monday with only half a head in work as Lovely Eldest lives in Utrecht and her office is only just round the corner from the terrorist shooting on a tram that left three people dead and several injured. I knew she was okay, but they were on lock down all day as police searched for the gunman.  Here’s Harry under my desk keeping me company…



On Tuesday Harry’s chum Baxter come to stay for the day. We took them for a walk along the river at Fatherford…


…then we sneaked into the station for brunch, only to discover the chef wasn’t working. Lovely Husband had to make do with a slice of cake…


Back home Harry and Baxter helped me in the garden…


While out dog walking on Thursday my friend and I saw this amazing cobweb full of baby spiders…


As we walked on we were amazed to see it extended for about 200 yards all the way down the fence posts and onto several gorse bushes…


Saturday we had a lovely trip to Exmouth for a meetup of the Devon and Cornwall Golden Retrievers group. First we headed to a pub for lunch…

… then we walked along the beach to meet up with about 30 goldies and their owners…



Walking back along the beach to the car Harry actually stood still long enough to posed for a picture…

Cropped Harryooo

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x


14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #8

  1. Pauline’s post had me in tears too. I can imagine how you felt about your daughter. I have two sons working in London, and each time there is an outrage I am not happy till I know they have got back home and are safe.
    You had some lovely walks, I like the beach pictures. Harry is certainly a handsome chap. He is clearly very attached to you.

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    1. Hello. You’re right, it’s not a pleasant feeling. My youngest used to live in London, but has moved further out, although she still often works there, so a little better. Utrecht is a much quieter place, so more unexpected.
      Harry seems to have attached pretty equally to both of us, which is nice as I’m sure that makes it easier for him when one of us is out etc.


  2. Pauline wrote a very moving piece didn’t she? Mlle. Tialys the Elder was working in London in 2017 when the terrorist incident on London Bridge happened – she walked along there every day. It was the last straw for her – she hated London anyway not being an ex-city girl like me – and moved down to Dorset. Still, these things can happen anywhere and you just have to carry on with your life as normal otherwise they’ve won haven’t they?
    I love the photos of the Golden Retriever get-togethers although, I must say I prefer the human refreshments on offer.
    The red spotty bandana looks very good and Harry looks adorable – I expect he slept well later didn’t he?

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    1. You’re right, these things can happen anywhere. Utrecht is not Amsterdam and in general a much quieter place. Bet you’re relived Eldest has moved. Youngest only lived a couple of train stops from London Bridge in 2017 and often use to go to London Bridge in the evening. She has moved to High Wycombe now – although that was in the plans before the terrorist incident.
      Harry’s with you on the dog bar. he refused to pose for a photo with it, because it was only water!
      Glad you like the bandana, I’ve made one exactly the same for a friend’s dog too.


  3. Thank you for the ping back Bekki, that is a kind thing to do. I didn’t know anything about the incident in Utrecht – even when we know our people are safe it doesn’t stop the horror of ‘what if’ rising up in us does it. I hope the shooter is safely incarcerated now. It’s an interesting thing to observe how small these idiots become when their weapons are taken from their hands. Back in the 90’s one of my daughters was working in London when the IRA were bombing randomly. She had just walked out of (I think it was) London Bridge station when a bomb went off behind her – No cell phones in those days and it was hours before she thought to ring me and say she was safe.

    On a happier note I love that spider’s nursery web – she’s one determined mama! Or maybe it’s a community nursery………. Lovely to see Harry out and about having fun too. xoxo

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    1. Thank you for creating the post. I was so moved. I hoped you didn’t mind me sharing it. Sounds like someone was watching over your daughter back in the 90s. You must have had awfully worried few hours. Fortunately my eldest had the presence of mind to let me know before I even heard about it. You’re right phones make it so much easier – when the London Bridge incident happened 18 months ago a quick text to my youngest confirmed she wasn’t there.
      That spiders web felt like something out of a sci-fi novel. Really felt like too much for one spider, but I don’t know. What I need is a direct line David Attenborough.

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      1. Heck, of course I didn’t mind – I loved that you shared it, thank you! ❤ Every time something happens that someone I know or love has a close escape from I give a silent thank you into the universe. It's amazing how often it happens – and that's just the things we become aware of. I wonder if the spiders are having a good breeding season globally, I was talking with a friend last week about the amount of baby spiders around this past summer – didn't seem to make much difference to the amount of flies, but there's always hope…..

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      2. I say thank you too. Mind, as I know you know, sometimes our blessings come disguised as things that don’t seem too positive.
        We seem absolutely overwhelmed with flies this year. Was just discussing this morning how they haven’t disappeared this winter, just keep coming. Hopefully some of those baby spiders I saw will be dealing with them. Mind as I type that I now start feeling sorry for flies getting caught in spiders webs!

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  4. My heart went out to the people of Christchurch when the news broke here. I read Pauline’s post, and she sums it all up, and so much more.
    Nice to see your part of the world too, and it looks pleasant and sunny there. Good weather to get out and about and just take it all in. 🙂 Glad the doggies enjoyed the time so much, Harry is getting cuter each day.
    Have a great new week and take care. 🙂

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