Sunday Sevens 2019 #9

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens, a post where I share seven or so pictures of my week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist heading for the beach, even though we were only at the seaside the day before. This time we went to Rock, where the tide was incredibly low…


We walked across the beaches to the Cracking Crab at Polzeth. The view from our table was beautiful…


Lunch was totally yummy…


Monday and Tuesday were the usual mix of work and walkies. Harry and his chums were, as usual, far to busy to actually pose for photos…


When Harry came to live with us he was scared of getting in the car, whined when he was in it and was occasionally car sick.Β  Since then he’s come on in leaps and bounds, but hadn’t been on any journeys of more than an hour. On Wednesday when we travelled 4 hours up country to visit the in laws we therefore decided to stop after a couple of hours at a Wildlife Trust site to have lunch and a good walk. Unfortunately dogs weren’t allowed in the cafe and it freezing outside.


Harry was absolutely brilliant on both legs of the journey.

Once at the in laws we had some lovely walks to take him on…


Lovely Husband was especially excited when we found a walk that circles the quarry…


While away we also visit both our great niece and our great nephew – unfortunately I forgot to take any pics of our great niece, but here’s LH playing with our great nephew…


On Saturday we met up with friends for a walk, who stopped half way to show us their dancing skills…

All in all a very lovely week.

Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time,

Bekki x

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #9

    1. Thank you. It really has been lovely and so delighted Harry was so comfortable about travelling on longer journeys πŸ™‚
      You’re right about spring, so much had changed in our garden when we got back home this evening and we’ve only been gone 5 days. Better get out there with my camera tomorrow to show you in next week’s SS.

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  1. Looks like you did lot of walking again this week and the weather lookke good if a bit nippy.Dear old Taz, when we first got him, used to open up at both ends within a few minutes of leaving home on any car journey. It lasted a while but he was OK eventually, although we never really went anywhere more than half an hour’s drive away with him because he could still stun an elephant with his less solid emissions – if you get my drift and we certainly got his. R. I. P. silly old boy.
    I’m disappointed to see you appear to be wrapped in a fleece (dog?) blanket – pretty though it is – instead of some beautifully hand knitted affair kept in the car for just such an occasion.

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    1. Always a lot of walking now we have Harry.
      Bless Taz. He was dumped by a road wasn’t he? So presumably he was worrying you would do the same again? Glad to say Harry only had problems with one end and that was only because he wasn’t used to going in the car before we had him, so all good now he’s used to it. My friend’s dog has started emptying the other end in the car every time they go out now – unfortunately it appears to be an old age thing, so won’t be improving.
      Sorry to disappoint you about the blanket, I presume you have a beautiful hand quilted quilt for such occasions?


      1. Of course, silly me! You couldn’t possibly put one of your quilts in there, whereas I ferry Harry around in a pristine Rolls Royce. Must reprimand the chauffeur for for not packing appropriately.


  2. Well, I was assuming the butler would roll your hand knit blanket up and put it safely inside the picnic hamper he’d have had cook prepare for you and the chauffeur would stow it away separately from the dog section of the conveyance. A bit like I imagine would happen when the Queen decides to take the corgis for a stroll away from the Estate. Aah, we can dream.
    By the way, why on earth do pet stuff manufacturers choose fleece to make dog and cat blankets when I can think of few other fabrics that attract hair as efficiently? You might get that question in the next pub quiz.

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    1. We can dream, but I wouldn’t be any happier than when I’m snuggled under a hairy fleece that my dear dog has chewed and moulted on. In fact I’d probably hate having to be so clean and demure.
      Good question – I definitely won’t get the answer if we do.


  3. Fantastic week and Harry looks like he has really enjoyed his adventures. I am definitely in need of a seaside walk. Hopefully got a few days away on the coast in May. X


      1. Sounds lovely. look forward to seeing your posts – I’ve never visited the Cumbrian coast.
        BTW since Harry travelled so well last week, we’re planning on having a Highlands and Islands of Scotland tour – so will be digging through your old posts soon for recommendations.

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      2. Brill! I have only been to the Uists from Skye. The sand was white, the sea was a fantastic shade of blue. There are so many other islands to visit too. I can recommend a great blog for visiting Scotland with a dog. I of course now forgotten its name. Will pop back in a sec!

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    1. It was, thank you.
      poor Harry was scared of so much when he first arrived, cars, bikes even a pram, but he’s very quickly got comfortable with everything we’ve thrown at him. You’re right, he is a sweetheart, like most goldies – so glad he’s here with us πŸ™‚
      The beach is amazing and – unsurprisingly – in a very expensive part of Cornwall.
      It has been mild, but a cold front has swept in today.
      How’s your weather and your week going? I miss you posting xx

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      1. πŸ™‚ I am happy that Harry is with you as well. He is just to cute to see out and about, and all tired out afterwards.
        That beach is really something. πŸ™‚ Lovely.
        Colder here too. πŸ™‚ Had some rain the last 2 days, probably the last before the Fall arrives now. Brought some much loved relief from the heat and summer. I look forward to some colder weather and more crafting time.
        All good here, looking forward to a short breakaway in a weeks time. Heading to our neighboring country, which is mostly a desert. Never been there.
        I know, I should really get back to posting again too. πŸ™‚ IG is convenient, but just not the same as a proper post.

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      2. Some more snow. It is already April. Has it snowed this late previously? I can not remember that it was this late in the year before, but then, with the weather anything may be possible these days. Just keep warm, and keep knitting and quilting.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, so pleased about Harry, makes life much easier for us and there’s no way I want him unhappy – he’s such a sweetheart.
      It wasn’t a bad quarry, but I prefer trees and green stuff πŸ™‚

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