Quilting Challenges

By now I was hoping to be showing you lots more quilting on my pink quilt. Unfortunately my Bernina has decided to misbehave, so I’m a very unhappy bunny itching to get finished, and I haven’t even got the repair man to call me back yet!

Meantime, with the help of my faithful 30 year old Singer, I’ve made 4 meters of binding for the edge…

I’ve also been contemplating making another quilt. I blameΒ Lynn and her foxy quiltΒ she’s made for her new great niece that’s due in June. I’ve got a a new great nephew due in June and the foxy quilt reminded me I’ve couple of fat quarters of fabric in my stash suitable for a baby quilt…


I’m thinking of making a simple half triangle affair like Lynn’s. I have some green, gold and red in fabric in my stash that match the colours on the jungle fabric….


Or should I leave the green out and just have the three primary colours…


Or do I need to add some more fabrics? Although ideally I’d like to be doing this from my stash and I have nothing else that works.

Also is the gold too dull? Should I have a more vibrant yellow?

Look forward to hearing what you think,

Bekki x


31 thoughts on “Quilting Challenges

  1. I think the green should go in too and the gold looks fine to me. If you want to brighten it up a bit you could use some white in a border or something to pick out the zebra colour.
    Are you going to use the same quilt pattern I used?
    Good luck with your Bernina repairs. It’s always good to have a sparesy isn’t it, even if it’s an old one. I’m doing the topstitching on my jeans with a 1950s Singer that my friend gave me that used to be her Mum’s.

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    1. Ha! You’re going for green too πŸ™‚
      I do have some white with small Navy polka dots I sat with the other fabric, but it looked a bit out of place with the bolder colours.
      Pattern in my head, but very like yours. I’m going to have 6″ squares made from two triangles – I’m sure there’s a name for that. There’s enough jungle fabric to have a triangle in every square. Thinking I’ll have that at the bottom of each and then alternate the colours on top. I was thinking I’ll make a border of alternating red and gold 6″ squares, but now everyone’s voting green in I’m wondering.
      It certainly is and my older machine just keeps going and going. It’s the one I bought when we were poor starving to make my wedding dress, so a bit sentimentally attached.
      Would love to see your 50s machine – do post a pic when you’re showing us your top stitching.


  2. Definitely put the green in, it will balance it out better I think. The yellow looks the same shade as the elephant yellow on my computer so I’m saying go with that too. I love the elephants and including all the relevant colours will make the quilt pop. Hope your machine gets fixed soon!

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    1. Well now you’re saying green it’s definitely in! You are the lady with the fantastic eye for colour. Thank you. Yes, the yellow is the same colour as the elephant ears. Their trunks are lighter, but it all looks the same on my monitor too.
      Thanks, about to ring again.


  3. I just have to be different don’t I . I love the gold and red you have chosen, which match the little elephants. I think the fabric is so sweet. Well done on the bindings. It’s not easy making a lot of binding. I’ll tell you all about my disasters in last weeks class, tomorrow.

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    1. Hello. part of me is saying, oh no! a different opinion, that’s confused me and the other part is saying,great, if I decide to go with no green at least there’s one person I won’t upset πŸ™‚
      Hope your disasters weren’t too disastrous – look forward to reading your post tomorrow xx

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      1. I’m going to cut some red, mustard and jungle triangles then lay them over the green to see how they look – if that makes sense. If it doesn’t, no doubt I’ll post it when I do.

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  4. I think all three, they are perfect. The gold is great, do not change it. The animal fabric is perfect. And being from SA, it would definitely be a big favourite here, any little guy would love the animals.
    Hope the sewing machine repair guy is around pretty soon too. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks. I have to say I was thinking, Right it’s green then as everyone said keep it, but then Cathy said only go for red and gold only and I’m wavering again. Will cut some out and have a further think.

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    1. It is – mind I find rotary cutting satisfying whatever it is – I’m easily please πŸ™‚
      Pleased to be on trend, but not sure baby will care. Mind, that’s a good point as I’m thinking of losing the green still, so the mustard will become more prominent.


      1. Hmm I think it depends on how much it each you’ve got. If you were using the blue as the opposing triangle for every square then Def keep the green. If your going to have the plain colours in a square with one another then I’m not so sure. You could always add white as one of the colours in every square, in that case keep green.


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