Frog or Finish April Update

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since my last Frog or Finish update of the 9 UFOs that I’ve and vowed to finish or frog this year.

Having dealt with four of them, I had five left by the middle of last month:

  1. The quilt – if you read regularly, you’ll know I’m making steady progress on this and the patchwork is now complete, I’ve made the binding and I’m working on the quilting.


2. The blue cardigan – this is only waiting for buttons, but I can’t find any I like. Anyone got any links to some nice big blue statement buttons?

3. The socks: I’ve done some work on these; I’m ready to turn the heel on the one that hadn’t got a heel turn and the leg is a little longer on the other.


4. The shawl still needs blocking. We were away when the warm weather hit, so still I’m waiting for the weather to warm up to do this.

5. I’ve completed the two project bags!


And, as a bonus, when I dug them back out I found another project bag that hadn’t been finished, because I’d forgotten to sew corners of the lining when I was making it. Doh!

20190403_144431oo.jpgThis is now finished too…


All in all I’ve only one task ticked one UFO off the list, but I’ve completed three finishes and made progress on 4/5 – if you count hunting for buttons.

All in all I’m quite happy with that given how long nothing was happening on any of them.

How’s your UFO tally doing this year?

Until next time,

Bekki x

23 thoughts on “Frog or Finish April Update

  1. Buttons are soooo difficult aren’t they. I can’t tell you how many huge button jars I have and a drawer full of vintage ones but, like my wardrobe, I never seem to have the right ones when I need them – or, if I have the right ones, I don’t have enough of them. How big are we talking? and how ‘statement’? Have you looked at vintage buttons on Ebay because I find the most striking buttons are usually old ones.

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  2. Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right buttons – especially now all the little haberdasheries have disappeared and we are at the mercy of the big box stores or on-line. Quite a while back I bought some buttons just because I really liked them and they are still waiting to have the right garment made for them to adorn 🙂

    I’m impressed with your progress and I love the last bag you put together, it’s so cute! I have a doily to finish from last year and something else lurking at the bottom of that bag too which I momentarily can’t recall, but I’m near finishing the sleeves of the cardigan that is made from one I knitted, carefully sewed up despite knowing it was too big and then had to carefully undo my impeccable seaming, frog and reknit. There’s a year of my life I won’t get back!!

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    1. It’s the hardest! And it’s usually the buttons that really set a piece of knitting off. I have so many buttons I’ve bought because I love them but have never made anything that works with them. And while I’ve been looking this time I’ve found heaps more I just might buy ready for when I happen to make something they go with.
      I seem to remember you mentioning that cardigan before. Doesn’t sound too far off finishing now 🙂

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      1. I’s on the home stretch 🙂 I do wonder if I’ll ever wear it… I have a huge jar of buttons I’ve collected over the years, never the right colour or size for anything I ever make of course – why do we do that? But just the one set of 8 beautiful buttons mentioned before.

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      2. I do hope you wear it. Although, yes, I’ve done that on more than one occasion, spent hours knitting then decided I don’t like it. One of my friends has given up knitting, because she never wears anything she knits.

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  3. Looks like you’ve been busy. Ugg buttons are so hard. Even when I’ve bought matching ones I can never find them… Maybe that’s just my disorganised house… 😂
    Looking forward to the finished quilt, it’s looking good.

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    1. Ha ha! I guess that’s why project bags are so useful, put it all in at the start and it’s (hopefully) still there when you need it. Mind, I don’t suppose you have project bags for sewing.
      Thank you. Glad you like quilt.


  4. Great progress. I love the pace you are going at, it seems to be easy going all the way, and you do as you please. Very nice.
    I agree on the buttons, not always easy to find really nice ones. I now tend to look for buttons at the hobby expo’s and such, and buy when I see, even if I dont really need. 🙂 Dont rush on the buttons, you will come across them when you least expect.
    Enjoy the rest of the projects, they are all stunning. 🙂 Love the socks.

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    1. Thank you. I’m having to pace myself with the quilt, and do other things in between, because all that looking down while gnashing my teeth makes my neck stiff if I do too much at a time.
      Will ask the universe tpo bring me the right buttons 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great week. We have bright sunshine and no rain forecast today 🙂

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      1. 🙂 The right buttons will come.
        I totally understand your pacing yourself with the quilt, we need to do that with bigger projects.
        Having a great week sofar thank you. 🙂 We have cool and overcast weather, and still a bit of rain too. Soon the rains will go away and it will just be cold wintery days. 🙂 And lots of crafting.
        But before all that happens I will be off to my neighboring country, Namibia, to visit and see my daughter a bit. It is pretty much desert and promises to still be hot too. 🙂 And lots and lots of wildlife too.

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  5. Well done Bekki! The project bags are awesome! I love the strawberry print you used. The cardigan is beautiful…. have you considered Dorset Buttons? I think they look wonderful I have a whole Pinterest board on them! (not that I have managed to learn how to do them yet, but they are on my to learn list!)
    The socks look great too…. another on my to learn list….. I don’t have any UFO’s but plenty of things on my wish lists!

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    1. Thank you. I’m keeping the strawberry one for myself 🙂
      Dorset buttons are a brilliant idea. DSomething I’d love to learn to do. Had a look for you on Pinterest to follow your board, but I couldn’t find a specific look for people box/button and a general search didn’t bring up Fred the Needle. Are you on there as something else?
      Well done on being UFO free!

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