Back in the Jungle

Last week I asked your opinions on the colours to use with a some jungle fabric I wanted to make a baby quilt out of.

It was all but unanimous that I should use red, gold and green.

I set about pressing my fabric before I cut it, only to find the jungle fabric had been folded for so long it had developed white lines bang in the centre of each fat quarter.


I now couldn’t cut sufficient pieces of the right size for the pattern I wanted, so I decided (after much anguished thought) to make a smaller quilt of 5×4 6″ squares where every other square was jungle fabric. I could have made the quilt bigger with more other fabric, but I wanted the jungle print to dominate.

Still not convinced I wanted to add more than red and gold to the mix, I cut out some red and gold squares and arranged them with the jungle print on the green fabric…


I then tried chucking in some black and white polka dot to reflect the zebra colours and a bit of red and white polka dot for the hell of it…


Now I know you almost all voted for red, gold and green (and I do think including green looks better in the photos) but in real life the gold and red only are winning my vote…


However, what I’m thinking would look even better (even though this was supposed to be a mega simple quilt) is having red and gold pinwheels rather than squares.

So that’s where I’m up to a week later, still staring at the fabric and wondering what the heck the quilt is going to end up like.

And while I’m staring, I’ve got a quick question, what colour thread would you used to piece these colours together?

Hope you’ve had a more successful crafting week.

Until next time,





20 thoughts on “Back in the Jungle

  1. I’m glad you took the green out, it looks too heavy (dark) with all the rest and the colours you have gone with look great. (Though I quite like that white spotted fabric too – it suits the lightness of the blue print) I’m sorry though that your original idea was gazzumped! I don’t know what exactly a pinwheel in quilting is, but I can imagine and I’m wondering if you are thinking combining the colours in the pinwheel or sticking with one colour at a time? But no matter what you say, I’d still have to see examples to get a real feeling….. As to the thread – no clue! I’m sure I’ve been no help at all 🙂

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    1. You’ve been loads of help. As you know I very much admire your artistic eye, so you saying you’re pleased the green is going is great to hear – I felt so outnumbered in my opinion I must be seeing something others weren’t, because I was thinking it too heavy/dark too.
      Yes, pinwheels are probably what you’re thinking. They’d all be gold and red – it would make the gold and red more of a pattern rather than a flat block of colour which for me feels too much of a contrast to the jungle fabric at the moment. There’s also like those windmill toys they sell at the seaside, so it felt as if I’m adding another child-friendly image.

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    1. Hello. Thanks for your thoughts, I’ve only ever stitched pastel colours together before, these bright bold colours are a whole new world to me.
      Glad you like the pinwheel idea. Feels right to me, even if it’s more work than I meant to do.

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    1. Thank you. You not likely the green before, certainly helped make me feel brave enough to go against the tide of green favourers 🙂
      Well that’s two vote for blue – better start looking to see what I have in my thread tin.

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  2. I was for leaving the green in when I thought you were going to do triangles which would have broken it up a bit and not made it look so heavy. I’m not keen on it in blocks as you have it there.
    I like the red and gold but, if you’re going to make pinwheels, you could use it in some of those or use it in a scrappy binding even. Or, don’t use it at all.
    I tend to use a neutral shade for piecing mixed colours – grey for cooler colours and beige for warmer colours and then choose a clearer or deeper shade of grey or beige depending on the depth of colours in the quilt. So, for your one as you’ve laid it out with the jungle print, the red and the gold, I’d probably go for an earthy beige colour.

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      1. I just wonder whether a narrow strip would bring out the vivid colours in the main body of the quilt. I certainly find a crochet blanket can be transformed with just the right edging… although playing around with the colours can be very frustrating.

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      2. I hear where you’re coming from, but I did play with the green as a boarder when I was trying to work out what to do and I think it is just too dark. But I’ll give it another go once the main body is finished. It may look different then.


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