Sunday Sevens (almost)

This week has been a not very interesting week, but managed to scrape together a few photos of my week beyond the blog…

Last Sunday as we so often do, we went to the beach. It was quite warm but overcast. Harry, of course had a great time. He found lots of other dogs to play with, but here’s a pic of him just on his own…


On Tuesday I had great time playing hide and seek with Harry amongst the gorse bushes on Fernworthy Moor…


Wednesday, of course is pub quiz. We lost as usual, but this week our team was just me and my lovely next door neighbour and we scored two more points than one team who had a eight! So not too shabby.ย No pic, but the question with the most ridiculous answer was:

Last month Armando sold for one and a half million, the highest ever paid for one of these. What is Armando?

Answer at the end of the post.

This year’s lambs have been arriving for a while now, but our next door neighbours don’t lamb until late, so this was the first week they appeared in the field we can see from our house…


The weather has been chilly but dry and bright for most of the week.ย  It’s amazing how quickly things start to dry out. This was particularly noticeable on the stepping stones at Fatherford…


Last week I told you how pleased I was to see two baby bunnies appear in our garden after months of seeing no rabbits at all. Sadly I found one of the babies dead on the lawn on Wednesday morning, but pleased to see three more appear on Saturday…


And yes, that is only five pics, but it really hasn’t been a very interesting week.

Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time,

Bekki x

Answer to quiz question: Armando is a pigeon.



21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens (almost)

  1. I thought it was sherry! Poor baby rabbit. We had one appear in the garden, he munched a small circle of grass, and then pushed off elsewhere, but Mr Pheasant has found himself a lady friend, and they come round our bird feeders for a romantic dinner. I love a game of hide and seek with a dog.

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    1. Ha ha! 1.5 million for sherry would be equally ridiculous. I wonder what the record paid for sherry is?
      Nice to hear about your courting pheasants. haven’t had a pheasant in the garden for ages.


  2. 1.5 million pounds? Some people have too much money! It’s always sad to see expired bunnies, they do have a high mortality rate don’t they – like the ducklings. Poor things, it’s a tough life for the wild and free. I’d be quite proud to be two quizzers coming in ahead of a party of eight. High 5’s all round! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes frightening really that some people have that much to spend on a pigeon while half the world starve ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I guess that’s why they breed so fast. It does make me very sad. Not sure what got it, it didn’t look very damaged – I’m wondering if I disturbed the buzzard just after it had killed it.
      We were very proud – particularly as the group of eight turn up once in a while, aren’t very friendly, take up half the room in the bar and don’t take a turn at setting the quiz.

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    1. They certainly are random. Everyone takes turns at setting the quiz so it’s very variable. The week before last some tourists were on the table behind us and they told me it was the hardest pub quiz they’d ever done. But then it was the week the guy who does the most impenetrable quiz had his turn.


  3. I had read the story about that racing pigeon but hadn’t remembered his name.
    Do you ever have problems with other dogs not welcoming Harry’s friendly advances or do all your local dogs have well developed social skills?

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    1. Me too, could have kicked myself as once I heard the answer as I remembered suggesting to LH we got some racing pigeons and trained them up.
      Most dogs are friendly, but Harry does make a very cautious approach in the first instance. He gives the odd grumpy one a wide berth, but occasionally the odd one gets a bit funny with him because he’s entire.


      1. Itโ€™s sad that something killed it and left it there, didnโ€™t even eat it. ๐Ÿ˜ข
        Weather doesnโ€™t sound good for you, I hope it returns to normal!

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      2. It is. I wondered if I disturbed a buzzard as I came in as we had just been out when I’Harry found it.
        Have had a really cold harsh wind the last few days, but apparently it’s going to be 21 degrees and Sunny by the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚
        How’s your weather going?

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      3. Oh, poor bunny! I hope the buzzard leaves everyone else alone.

        Our weather is still cooler than normal, but I am hopeful that the snow we got last week was the last of it. Most of it is melted, just some remnants from the piles where it was plowed. Ice is out of the pool, if not the ponds and lakes. Small steps!

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  4. I love the first photo, it is stunning out there. I specially love the “pattern” the footprints created on the sand, how interesting.
    Sorry to hear about the little bunny, but glad to see the others are all still doing well.
    Have a great week and enjoy the crafts and walks. ๐Ÿ™‚


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