Sunday Sevens 2019 #12

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens, a post where I share seven – or more – photos of my week away from the blog.

Last Sunday was absolutely freezing. Not only was it only 4 degrees, there was a bitter wind that made it feel even colder. However, wrapped up warm, we still had a lovely walk in Belever Forest – such a beautiful place untouched by modern development…


I spotted a stone circle I’ve never seen before…


… and Lovely husband hugged his favourite tree…


Sunday evening we decided to warm ourselves by going out for a curry…


Another meal out Monday: lunch with the friends at Church Lane in Tavistock…


Wednesday was Lovely Husband’s birthday. I made him a cake – which I always find a challenge in an aga with no baking oven. There just isn’t a shelf that’s the right temperature. It spent most of the time on a shelf that was a little too cold then a short time on one that was too hot.

Thursday evening was knitting group at Lydford House Hotel, where one of the hotel guests visiting from Australia joined us with her embroidery…


After a cold and windy start to the week, the temperature had risen by Friday to 20.5 degrees. So Friday’s walk with Harry in Abbeyford Woods was absolutely perfect…



Of course the minutes us Brits see the slightest shaft of sunshine we bring out the BBQ…


Sitting out in the garden in the sunshine is also a great time to do a bit of bird spotting…


The hot weather also meant we could give Harry a full wash…


Followed by the first haircut I’ve given him…


With such a smart doggie we just had to take him out to mark the occasion at our local.


Hope you’ve had a great week, it’s truly been a lovely one here.

Bekki x

33 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 #12

  1. You do have some beautiful spots to go walking in! You can’t beat some time out in nature to feel renewed can you. Harry looks a little concerned about his new dapperness, but just beautiful! You are clever to do the cutting yourself – I wouldn’t dare do Siddy, he’d soon be impale, as he busies himself directing me where to cut ……. It feels like we are hunkering down for winter now – just another seasonal adventure 🙂

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    1. We certainly do. I especially like my Friday walks with Harry as we always do them on our own in my favourite local woods.
      Ha ha! I was a little concerned about Harry _ especially his rather large testicles! But he was fine with a bit of patience and ended up sleeping through half his haircut.
      I think the thing he’s looking concerned about is not his haircut, but the biscuit in my pocket. He rarely posses for a photo without a little incentive.
      I seem to recall your winter’s aren’t too cold? So hopefully not too much hunkering.


  2. I love the British ‘grab it while you can’ attitude to the sun, though not so much the headlong rush to the overcrowded beaches. I remember once driving down to West Wittering and, when we arrived, people had put up deckchairs and were playing ball games in the car park as there wasn’t an inch of space left on the beach. We turned round, went back home and gave thanks for our garden as you sensibly did.
    In the area of France where I live there appears to be a date on the calendar when puffa jackets and the ubiquitous scarves are lain aside for the Summer – I think it’s some time in late May. The weather itself seems to have nothing to do with it.
    Harry looks slightly shell shocked in his thinned out coat but he’ll thank you for it in the heat.

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    1. Oh tell me about it. We’ve stayed close to home the last few days. The tourist influx created by a combination of great weather and Easter bank holiday is great for a lot of local businesses, but makes travelling hell – we just don’t have big enough roads for the influx plus they have now clue how wide their cars are and are petrified of getting the tiniest scratch on them.
      We Brits may be barmy, but we know there’s no point expecting any particular weather just because the calendar thinks it’s summer.
      As I said to Pauline, I think it’s the biscuit in my pocket causing the concern, not the hair cut. I certainly didn’t get the evil looks from Harry that I used to get from Hicks when I gave him a haircut.


  3. Harry looks very smart indeed, and deserves that biscuit for posing so beautifully. tell me about the tourists. Middle son and family are staying in a cottage near Scarborough this weekend. I went over there on Good Friday. Traffic jams…… Nightmare. We all went to Scarborough for the beach yesterday. I thinks the Mods were out in force..
    Today they came to us and we were in the garden. Much better. But what amazing weather- 24C in Yorkshire in April, oh my.

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    1. Harry says thank yo. He’s sure he deserved more than one biscuit 😉
      Sorry to hear you’ve been stuck in traffic jams. Although I do feel a bit selfish when I start grumbling about tourists as we’re so very lucky to have what they come to visit all year round. Although I wish some would have more respect for the countryside and recognise that we and the animals actually live here.
      Great to hear you had a better day today in the garden

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  4. You do seem to have some lovely spots to walk and visit. Harry looks very smart with his new haircut and poses so well. Hope you are having a lovely sunny Easter Break. Bird spotting is such good fun and watching them feed their young. Three baby blackbirds so far. One had his first bath this morning after hubby and myself cleaned out the small pig trough we use as a pond. Such larks!

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    1. thank you. We are very lucky where we live.
      Ha ha! A golden retriever will do anything for food.
      Yes thank you, Easter was lovely and sunny, unfortunately the rain is back today, but we do need it.
      Great to hear about your baby blackbirds – Our usual spots where they nest are very quiet this year – although on nesting box definitively has residents.


    1. Thank you. Apart from the sightly singed edges, it was probably the best cake I’ve ever made in that aga. I do love the aga because it cooks most things so much better than a conventional oven, but I wish it had four ovens – but the people before us bought it and we definitely can’t afford to change it just so I can make better cakes once in a while.

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  5. Aww looks like you had a great week. It’s hard to remember how cold last weekend was whilst still bathing in the warmth from this weekend. But man it was cold, I was out on the water providing support for the yachts and had on multiple layers of thermals 😂


    1. Aw! Bless you, it was bitter that weekend and even as a Brit hard to get my head around thermal leggings under my jeans one Sunday, shorts the next. But you know what they say, if you don’t like the weather in the UK, just wait 15 minutes. 🙂


  6. Doesn’t Harry look smart and adorable. I’m impressed you found a stone circle. Maybe it only appears at certain times! The weather here has been wonderful too. I hear it’s thunderstorm time here tomorrow though. Ah well!! X


    1. Harry says thanks for the compliment.
      I found the stone circle, because they are numbered in Bellever – I just hadn’t spotted the post with it on before. There must be a map that relates to the numbers. I really ought to track one down.

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      1. We’ve booked half of it – taking ages, especially as we’re a bit late doing it, but also harder with a dog with us and I’m not giving him short measures!


      2. Thank you very much. I’ll take a look. I did research dogs on the ferries, but then hubby got cold feet about putting Harry on a Ferry and freaking him out xx


      3. I think hubby was worried about the vibrations and that it said some only had outside areas for dogs and he had visions of us standing out on deck being lashed by rain.


      4. The one we went on had inside and outside spaces and covered outside space too. I must admit we stayed outside.Was lucky enough to see a huge pod of dolphins. Loads of dogs on board. Xx It’s worth enquiring. However if you stay on the mainland then that is beautiful too. X

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      5. I think it will have to be the mainland only now because of what we’ve booked already and because we need to break hubby into the idea of Harry coping on the ferry gently.


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