New Knitting Project

This year I’ve decided I need to have fewer projects on the go so that I can focus more on what I am doing, get projects finished more quickly and reduce the risk of ending up with more UFOs.

On the knitting front, apart from working on my UFO socks, I’ve been diligently faithful to my Heartfelt Cardigan for some time now.


However when I realised I didn’t have a scarf to go with my red sweater, I decided I HAD to have one. I visited Raverly and chose the Jeweled Cowl pattern, the Woolly Beader for some yarn, and Ebay for some beads. So now I’m ready…


The plan is to knit the boring bits in the car on very windy roads and other places where I need low concentration, and add the beads when I’m watching TV. The rest of my knitting time will be spent working on my Heartfelt cardigan.

This project also fits perfectly in my new project bag – which is probably reason enough to start a new project anyway 🙂


So I’ve added to my projects, but hopefully this won’t reduce my focus. Not counting UFos – which I’m gradually chipping away at – I’ve currently got just just four ‘live projects’ on the go – two quilts plus these two knitting projects. Which is pretty good for me.

How many projects have you got on the go at the moment?

Until next time,




17 thoughts on “New Knitting Project

  1. Don’t ask!!
    I always find that I need to concentrate more on windy roads but, if you can manage to knit at the same time, you go girl – just don’t let the traffic police see you.

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      1. Whilst that sounds to me like an excellent plan, I have to add that The Dartmoor Yarn Company does not condone or take any responsibility for any of our readers knitting while driving or sitting anywhere else in a moving vehicle.


    1. Being such a swat it really is beginning to mean projects on the go. I’ve nearly no UFOs now 🙂 But not quite.
      As if – especially as it’s coming up to tourist season – wish they could learn the width of their cars.


  2. Love that project bag! Serious project bag lust!! I finally finished my cardigan after two attempts, so that isn’t a ufo any more – it’s quite overcome! The doily has had all interest lost in it with barely 10 cm to go on the final round and the vest is waiting for its yarn to be restocked – half a ball needed……. And I’ve just started on the Amanzi throw that Wild Daffodil introduced us to and as I didn’t much care for the look of the first load of colours I chose I’m also making a second one as I go…… not sure if that counts as one or two ufos. In the past I have always diligently had one project at a time on the go and I blame all you multi taskers for my fall from grace!

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    1. Well done on finishing the cardigan. That does sound like a lot of projects, but I’m sure you can handle it. One project at a time is so boring – so glad you’ve joined us multitaskers in our recklessness.

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