Sunday Sevens #14 2019

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

Being unable to spend more than two weeks without a trip to the beach, we took our favourite beach walk from Rock to Polzeth on Sunday. The weather was dank and drizzly, but felt quite mild and pleasant.


We had a lovely walk across the beach then through the sand dunes, because the low tide was actually quite high.


We also walked across the cliff top which was filled with beautiful patches of clover…


At Polzeth we had lunch at a very quiet Cracking Crab


Where they have great door handles…


As we walked back the mist descended, adding a spooky feel to the near empty beaches.

20190428_152153ooAt home the damp cold weather brought in a plethora of giant spiders…


Other traumatic events this week included a needle breakage. I’m so fed up with Knitpros – I’ll never buy another pair. What brand of of needles do you guys use?


This week was also book group. I didn’t read it. I really would have liked to, and others in my book group really enjoyed it. However I found the style so dreadful I just couldn’t keep going…


Last week I showed you a picture of Harry after he had found a nice muddy puddle. You guys predicted that now he’d found one he’d be far more interested in them. Harry however has not showed the least bit of interest in any puddles this week, but he did surpass your expectations by smothering himself from head to tail in fox poo. I didn’t think you’d want to see that, so here’s a pic of a clean Harry having a cuddle with his favourite toy instead.



Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

20 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #14 2019

  1. Oh Harry! That is not fetching!! I once had a nice genteel lady doggie who dropped all her breeding when she found a pile of cow poo – the newer the better………….

    Knitpros are so expensive aren’t they – they are here anyway – and I have heard several complaints about them breaking. My antique metals and newer acrylic and bamboo varieties seem to be stronger. I do love that last pic of Harry snuggling with his toy – big hugs all round!

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    1. oh dear, cow poo really does come in bulk. Bet she was covered.
      Yes, knitpros are expensive here too and not anywhere near as good as they used to be. Metal makes my hands hurt, so sadly I have a lot of old needles I can’t use.
      Big hugs all round to you guys too xx

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  2. I thin k clean Harry has gone off you, I think Harry liked being Fox Poo Harry! Fox poo being one of the very few things I don’t miss not having a dog for.
    Love those door handles, naff but wonderful.
    I like bamboo needles I must admit, light and good, they just wear down at the points with use.

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    1. Ha ha! Fortunately Harry isn’t too interested in Fox poo – that’s only the second time he’s rolled in it since we got him.
      You’re right, so bad they’re good.
      Have you tried taking a pencil sharpener to you blunt bamboo needles? I’ve never tried, but just a thought. Mind, I’ve worn metal needles down too!


  3. Aah, the smell of fox poo……🦊

    When we lived next to the dairy farm in England, my late lamented German Shepherd, used to take the crusty top off a cow pat to get to the soft insides – just like a boiled egg.

    I’m not a fan of circular knitting needles but I do use 20mm ones to make my mammoth cabled blankets and when my cheap Pony (and trap!) needle broke halfway through my first one I bought a huge sized one by Addi which was (and still is) excellent if that’s of any help at all.

    I’ve never read ‘Still Alice’ but the film is very good with Julianne Moore.

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    1. Ha ha! Cow poo, one pat gives such good value for money.
      I loooooooooove circular needles.
      I think I have a pair poor two of Addi’s not as sexy as knitpro IMO, but I’ll take them any day over knitpro if they’re not going to break on me.
      Yes, a very good film, although by the sound of it the books adds a deeper dimension – just wish I’d like the style.


  4. Oh, gosh, Harry!!! Not a good thing to learn! Glad you are clean now!

    I use addis and knitters pride. The addis are superior. Knitters pride do wear out and cables come apart eventually but they are reasonably priced, so I keep using them. I also like that they are interchangeable, very versatile. Addis are just lovely and I would have them all but they are pricier.

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  5. Was that anywhere near the wild garlic? Haha. Naughty Harry!
    That spider would totally freak me out. Yikes!
    Love all the beachy pics. X


  6. Oh no Harry. Miekie has never done that. Thank goodness. I dont know if I will know where to start to clean her again.
    Sorry to hear about the needles. It is such a shame when the dont last, despite a good price. I also use Knitpro, and have been lucky to far. I also have “chiaogoo” needles, that I have in metal for lace knitting. The come in bamboo as well. Not sure if available in the UK. We have a lady here that imports for us every now and again. 🙂
    Happy knitting and crafting. I hope Harry behaves and stay away from all and any sorts of poo.
    Hugs. xx

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    1. Fortunately he’s only done it once since we’ve had him – I had a friend who’s dog managed to find some every day!
      I’m hoping to super glue the needle back together – worth a try.
      We do have chiaogoo here, but hard to find and definitely pricey.
      Hope you had a lovely time away. Look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to.
      Big hugs from both of us. xx

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  7. Poor smelly Harry😂 Look like an innocent boy in the pic!
    I love that walk from Rock but don’t think we’ve done it since being dogless so will have to remember to try one weekend.

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