Floral Quilt TA-DA!

For the last two weeks I’ve been spending most evening hand sewing the binding onto my floral quilt.


It’s taken two weeks because not only did I have seven meters of binding to sew, but I also find hand sewing hard going on my middle finger – the eye end of the needle manages to make it sore and even bleed very easily – does anyone else have that challenge?

With the binding finally attached the quilt is finished…

Lovely Husband is behind there somewhere

And here it is in place in our bedroom…


What else is there to say, but HURRAH!

Until next time,

Bekki x

22 thoughts on “Floral Quilt TA-DA!

  1. Ta-dah and Hurrah!
    It’s gorgeous and looks perfect on your bed.

    I suppose the obvious answer to your sore finger is that you need to use a thimble but I’ve never been able to get to grips with one myself so I can’t really recommend it – although I’m sure others will.

    Will you ever be willing to quilt such a large size again?

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    1. Thank you. I am very pleased with it.
      The sore bit is in the middle on the side of my middle finger – rather than a thimble covering place. Maybe I need chainmail gloves?
      Actually I would quilt another large one again, I really enjoyed it!


  2. Hurrah! and ‘Well Done!’ It looks really fabulous and I would never have believed I would like it so much – not based on those first raw patches you showed us. The quilting changes the look of the fabric so much and just enhances everything doesn’t it. I also can’t believe you hand sewed that edging. Crikey! Looks fabulous on your bed and even over the lovely invisible husband. I really love it!! I have one of those little versions of a Swiss Army knife and whenever the going gets tough with a needle I whip open the little pliers and use that to pull the needle through – saves wear and tear on the finger!

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    1. Hello. Thank you. Glad you like it – quilting certainly does transform a quilt.
      Ha ha! Didn’t realise you wanted Lovely Husband posing in the bed – I’ll have a word 😉
      Great idea about the Swiss army knife – I have one on my key ring – good also for taking thorns out of dog’s paws and cutting daughter’s shoe laces out of the bike chain when she didn’t do them up – mind that was many moons ago now.

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  3. It’s beautiful! I used to get sore finger too – usually because when I sew I do it crazily for a few days then not again for weeks or months! One time I tried using a leather thimble on the finger that took the brunt of the it – tended to work better than a metal one (which would fall off).

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    1. Thank you. I did pace myself, because I knew it would upset my finger.
      A leather thimble sounds better than metal, but it would have to be more of a long finger guard than a thimble, because it’s the middle of my middle finger that takes the stick – bet they make them though – if not, Dragon’s Den here I come! 😉


  4. Hurrah, indeed! That is a lovely quilt! I don’t use a thimble, but if I’m hand sewing a lot, my finger does toughen up. I rarely come to the point of bleeding, but I couldn’t say why. Maybe you have extra sensitive skin? If a thimble bothers your hand, there is one that is open and is a strip across the part of the finger that pushes the needle. Here on Amazon. You can probably find at a local quilt shop, too.


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