Sunday Sevens#15 2019

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

Last Sunday we headed to Widemouth Bay for a golden retriever meetup. Always lovely to see lots of goldies and goldie owners…

Being at the seaside, of course, means we needed to have a fish and chip lunch…


We stopped for our lunch at the Bay View Bar – which unsurprisingly has a lovely view of Widemouth Bay.


Back at home my rhododendron tree is in full bloom.


It’s one of my favourite plants in our garden, although I love the yellow of this rhododendron  even more…


The weather’s been cold, but dry for ages and it’s showing in the water levels of the rivers…


However on Wednesday we had some good and proper rain…


On Thursday Harry and I walked with a friend. After our walk she showed me her new-to-her camper van…

I want one!

On Thursday we also got stuck in a cow-jam…


And another lovely friend who was about go off on holiday brought me a bunch of rose she’d been given, so I can enjoy the life left in them…


Harry and I were delighted to spend part of our Friday walk with some beautiful goldies who were holidaying down here.


Finally a lovely week was rounded off with the biggest treat of all, seeing both my lovely daughters on Saturday. It was a long journey, so we stopped part way for Harry to have a walk along the Cotswolds Way at a point close to the M4. The countryside is so different from ours with fields full of rape…


The dandelions about to spread their seeds looked amazing too…

We do have these in Devon

The girls don’t like me blogging their pictures, so instead here’s the dhal and chocolate tart I had for lunch with them…

All in all a very lovely week.

Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time

Bekki x

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens#15 2019

  1. Another lovely week in your part of the world! It’s nice that Harry has lots of friends to meet up with and that fish’n’chip lunch looked rather yummy. The weather has just turned here, so I’m thinking about carbs and fries ………

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    1. I think it’s so important for dogs to have their friends and for those friends to be truly dogs they like.
      Good luck with the carbs and fries. Unfortunately I think about carbs and fries whatever the weather!

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  2. Oh my —that fish!!! Our farmers are just beginning to plant their fields. We used to call it rape when I was a kid—now everyone here in Canada uses the more politically correct term “canola”. 😳. I just remember it was my favourite field to ride through after harvest as the sound of the stocks on the horses’ feet was so musical.

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  3. I love seeing Harry with all his chums. That’s so lovely that you can do meet ups like that. Hugo can be a grump when it comes to meeting his own breed sometimes. Strange eh. His fave dogs are actually greyhounds, whippets types who he starts racing around for, wanting them to chase him. He is wary of smaller dogs especially a friend’s 14 year old partially blind terrier called Molly. Pretty scared of her! But Harry looks like he loves everybody. Lovely pics. I’m so glad the weather is improving. X

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    1. Interesting Hugo doesn’t like his own breed so much. I always thought all dogs were more comfortable with their own breed, because they understand each other.
      Harry is cautious of some dogs and they usually turn out to be the grumpy ones – so guess his instinct’s working well, He also gets some dominant males square up to him, because he’s still intact, but yes, on the whole he loves everyone. He was totally in his element with the two goldies in the woods, but at the meetup, the dog he play most with was a vizsla, who’d snuck into the meetup.

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  4. What a lovely week. Lots of ourdoorsy stuff enjoyed! Rapeseed fields look so beautiful but they make many of us suffer with pollen problems – doesn’t stop me enjoying the view though!


  5. How wonderful for you to get to see both the Lovelies – definitely worth the trip I’m sure even though they wish to be represented by food items.
    There is rape everywhere here at the moment – as you say, an unfortunate name – it’s yellow all over. I believe some people are very allergic to it.

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  6. I would be stuck in a cow jam any day, rather than the crazy city traffic here. At least they look a lot more friendly than the taxi drivers here.
    I beautiful week, and if I may say so, a lot of gold and green and yellow in this weeks photo. 🙂
    Have a great week and enjoy the good sunny weather.

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