Sunday Sevens#18 2019

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

Last Sunday we took a walk along the river Okement at Fatherford and had a sit at this spot watching the water flow through the rocks. Coincidentally this is were I saved the sheep from drowning that I mention in Thursday’s post – hard to believe in wetter weather so much of this is under water.


Of course, after a nice walk at Fatherford it’s compulsory to have brunch at the station…


Although it has been very dry, it’s also been very dank and wet at times…


Unsurprisingly in a mix of warm and wet weather the greenery is growing like mad and dog walking paths are getting thinner…


This week I finished A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale. It didn’t really grab me – you know I’m hard to please. There were lots of interesting ideas raised, just none of them explored sufficiently. It was still, however, very thought provoking, but I couldn’t understand why the main character hadn’t noticed he was more interest in men than women when he was a lot younger.


In an unusual turn of events, Hubby cleaned out my car. Here are the items he though I didn’t really need to keep in it…

Anyone know what the item at the top of the picture is?

In more usual activities I bought some wool for my next project…


And to keep things in balance, I trucked up at produce morning on Saturday and sold some…


And somewhere during the week, this arrived…

vogue sewing

Thank you to Lynn – looks like exactly like what I was asking for when I wantedΒ suggestions of a sewing book to buy a couple of weeks ago.

As I also mentioned on Thursday, I’ve been to the physio. While the physiotherapist was out of the room, printing my Personal Exercise Programme, I took a quick snap of the curtain rail.


Can anyone offer an explanation why it would be hung like this? There was no obvious reason I could see.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens#18 2019

  1. The curtain rail hanger person was drunk, had a gripe with the phsyio, wanted to give people like me a giggle. Hope you did well at the sale the table looks very smart. So will that yarn be a jumper for you I wonder?
    Is the mystery object a dog whistle or something?

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    1. Nice ideas about the curtain rail. I’ll have to pluck up the courage to ask when I go back next month.
      Thank you – I did okay. As it’s in my village and a we only pay a percentage of what we sell for having a table, it’s always good, because I get to catch up with lots of friends whether I sell anything or not πŸ™‚ Although the more tourists who knit (or have friends who knit) that visit the better πŸ™‚
      Yes, yarn is a sweater for me. Haven’t designed it yet though.
      Mystery object is not a dog whistle – but unlike the curtain rail question I do know the answer.


  2. RE: curtain pole – is the curtain hung and measured in the same way ie longer one side than the other and therefore would give a straight edge at the bottom. He He!
    No idea what the object in the car is. You live in a lovely part of the world – just slightly jealous of all the lovely walks you have on your doorstep.

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  3. I think the curtain rail came loose, popped up at one end and jammed at the other and no-one has gotten round to doing anything about it. It could be possible your mystery object is an ink dabber, or a worn down eraser?? I’m more intrigued why you travel with a wooden spoon……..

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    1. Don’t think so, it looked properly afixed to me.
      I’m afraid I think you have to know what the mystery object is to get the answer to that one.
      As for the spoon: the boot got damp ages ago and there was a flap bit I propped up with the spoon to help the air circulate around it and dry out.

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      1. You are going to have to ask about the curtain rail – I’m sure we all need an explanation and for the mystery object. Of course the spoon now makes perfect sense and of course is required to stay in the car for future eventualities involving water in the boot – or even wet boots……..

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      2. I will ask about the rail, although my next is appt is July, so answer will be a while. Mystery object is probably impossible if you don’t know, but i thought interesting when I found out.
        I have actually left the spoon out since i haven’t used it in the last 6 years. I’ll probably now wish it was in the car within the next 6 weeks.

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  4. So nice to another week, and something to eat at the station too. πŸ™‚
    Interesting things in your car. The book and pens (and even the spoon) could have stayed. πŸ™‚ you never know when you need a wooden spoon. Can not say I have any idea on the mystery object, nor the mystery of the curtain rail, although I also think it came undone somehow and have just not been fixed again yet.
    Enjoy the new week.

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    1. I don’t know why hubby thought the notepad should go, although his rejection on the pens was on the grounds of the excessive number of them.
      I’ve been arguing for that wooden spoon to stay in for the last six years and finally given up. You’re right, I probably will need it now πŸ™‚

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      1. πŸ™‚ That makes sense. I should actually put more pens in my car, as I think I only have one. And what if it is cold or dry. Then I may need another one.
        Okay, so the spoon had to go back to its home. Keeping fingers crossed you dont need it.
        I hide everything in the car trunk / boot in a small plastic crate. Nobody checks it, just cleans around it. πŸ˜‰
        Enjoy the clean car, and have a good time, it should be pretty much summer weather by now. Hope it is not raining to much still.

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      2. Harry rides in my boot, so can’t stash anything there – hope that makes sens in SA, I said it to an american lady the other day and she gasped then said ‘of course’ you don’t mean the boot like we do in america.
        Has been raining here for ages now – but I’ve been away, hence slow reply and hardly had any rain, even though we were in Scotland!

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      3. πŸ™‚ yes, it makes perfect sense. If Miekie was bigger I would let her ride there too. But the has a “car seat” for doggies, it keeps her out of harms way.
        Hope the weather is good. πŸ™‚ It is nice and chilly here now, and winter is good for crafting.
        We are expecting some snow on the mountains, (far from where I am) but it normally means very cold air and temps coming inland, πŸ™‚ We are expecting a chilly weekend. I stocked up on hot chocolate, just in case.
        Take care and have a good coming weekend.

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      4. Aw! Bless her. Mr Hick used to have a seat belt on the back seat, but the back seat freaked Harry out last time we tried that!
        Sounds lovely weather with you. mixed bag here. Flooding again predicted for most of England next week. Fortunately not us and anyway we’re too high up.
        Have a fab weekend xx

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      5. πŸ™‚ So glad to hear and see Harry settling in. He is just adorable.
        Weather here is now nice and cold, wintery indeed. But probably only for a few more days. I love the colder days.
        Take care that side, and enjoy the new week.


      6. Thank you. He is a lovely boy – we’re very lucky.
        Sorry a bit late to catch up – week has gone by – was hellishly windy. Hope you had a good one and are having a fab weekend xxx

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  5. I don’t have any polite ideas about the mystery object in your car but I think you should put your notepad and pens back in immediately so that, if you get fed up knitting while driving, you can sketch out your next pattern design instead. Then you can use it to write down your insurance details while using the wooden spoon to fend off a road rage attack 🀣
    Is that a door in the centre of those two windows? If so, has the curtain rail been hung like that to make the door easier to open and close somehow?
    I’m glad you like the book – it’s a very ‘sensible’ one isn’t it?

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    1. Ha ha! I knew you’d think that about mystery object. No it isn’t.
      I fancy a frying pan would be a more useful kitchen item for fighting off road rage attackers.
      Good point, it is a door, that may well be related to the answer.
      The book is perfect – thank you – exactly what I was after πŸ™‚


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