Sunday Sevens #20

You might have notice I’ve been pretty quiet lately – I’ve been away on holiday, but more of that in the week. Today is Sunday, so here’s my seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

Last Sunday I made a free motion embroidery card for the arrival of our lovely new great nephew.


If you’re in Europe I’m sure you’re aware we’ve been having a bit of a heatwave. However here in the south west of England the heat was accompanied by a very strong wind.  So strong on Wednesday it broke my rotary dryer…


…and on Thursday we woke  to a lawn full of leaves…


Focusing on the positive, the high temperature and strong wind were ideal for drying Harry’s toys (on my temporary washing line) after they’d had a trip round in the washing machine…


Our garden has gone wild while we’ve been away, so I’ve put a good few hours gardening in this week – but there’s still plenty to do…


I’ve also spent a fair part of the week helping organise our village fair. The Lydford Dash is part of this. Anyone local fancy taking part?

Lydford Dashoo

I also got on with a job I’ve been avoiding; tidying the utility. In it I found these tools from our now broken Dyson vacuum cleaner. They’ve never been used, but it seems so wasteful just to throw them away. Any  thoughts on how I can recycle them?


Away from chores we went for a walk in Bellever forest on Saturday…


Followed by lunch at The Two Bridges. Lovely spot, but unfortunately the food really let it down…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

12 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #20

  1. What a spoilt toddler Harry is!
    I’ve never had another dog that has enjoyed toys as much as my goldie did. I think it’s a breed thing.
    Funnily enough, I’ve been clearing out my laundry/utility room too but it’s so mind numbingly boring that I’m only doing a bit each day. I also need to go in – complete with protective clothing and mask – to clear up and clean Mlle T. the Youngest’s room while she’s away in the U.K. I’ve been putting it off for the past week but must do it soon otherwise she’ll be back and I’ll never be allowed in there again.
    I don’t know about your Dyson tools – I suppose most people have a couple they use all the time and stick the rest in a cupboard – I know I do – so you probably wouldn’t find a home for them easily. It’s an awful waste though isn’t it? Maybe somebody else will come up with something.

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    1. That’s exactly what lovely eldest said when she saw that line full of toys – but she went quiet when I pointed out that Harry didn’t have opposable thumbs.
      Funnily enough neither of my two goldies are/were really toy oriented. Hicks used to shred everything before it had chance to get anywhere near in need of a wash – mind I always thought there was a little of something else going on in his genes, despite his goldie appearance. Harry came with a box full of toys and while they weren’t dirty they were played with – some haven’t been out of the box since he got here. He does love the lion though.
      I’d need protective clothing if one mine came home and found out I’d been clearing up their bedroom.
      Maybe I could make some sort of modern artwork out of the tools and sell it to the Tate Modern? Turner prize here I come!


  2. I’ve been watching Money for Nothing recently. Reckon those Dyson bits would make a light fitting and you could sell it for £200 to some daft person in that there London.
    Love the line of dog toys, a woofer can’t have too many. That was some wind though. Amazing how a garden runs away from you when you turn your back for a minute.
    Look forward to hearing of the week away.

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    1. Sorry, very very slow replying.
      I’ve seen money for nothing – I know exactly what you mean.
      Oh no! I’ve just posted after six weeks and realise from you comment I said I’d share my holiday pics, but then ran away. Opps! Sorry xx

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  3. That is quite some wind!!!

    Do you have a barter/swap exchange on facebook in your area? You could offer the vacuum parts up to see if anyone has a use for them. If not, a nice art project seems the best bet!

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  4. Are there any of those repair cafes near you where folks fix stuff and swap stuff that is broken? Those hoover bits might help? Maybe a silly thought. Holiday must mean Scotland? Looking forward to your posts. Hope you liked Ingleton too. X

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  5. If you are over near the two bridges, pop into Tabistock, Church Lane is s brilliant place to eat or Taylors or The Kitchen.


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