Sunday Sevens #21 2019

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.

It’s been a busy week where I’ve forgotten to take many pictures through the week. I did however remember to take a pic of the mung bean and spinach soup I made because it looked so revolting. Pleased to say it tasted better than it looked:..


The other ‘event’ I remembered to take a couple of photos of was on Thursday when we took the day out to visit Chagford Show…



I’m always amazed by how different the breeds of sheep are. Just look at the colour of these Suffolks…


I was even more amazed to find Harry has started a secret business…


As usual  Harry has been keeping us entertained in many ways, but the best this week was when I briefly swapped bras to put a white one on for Lovely Hubby to take pics of my sleeveless top. Dear Harry immediately stole my black one and ran around very proudly waving it at us…


This Saturday was our village Flower and Produce Show.  You may remember me  previously complaining that the craft section had been given a theme, that I had nothing I could enter and that I wasn’t going to make things to match a theme specially for the show.


Having done some hard thinking I managed to dredge out some old makes and use a couple of recent makes to enter each category. Since I haven’t blogged the new makes yet, I’ll do a couple of separate posts about them. Meantime I’ll show you the winners from each section:

Sewing and Patchwork/Quilting…


Cross Stitch…










In total I won one first and four second places. The embroidery above is mine. I reckon it’s a good 30 years old!

My other dredged up older make was Sheep. Bless him…

That’s definitely not the right card with him

I was also the entrant in the craft section who scored the most points and so won the craft cup!


So all in all a very good week. Hope you’ve had a good one.

Until next time.

Bekki x

22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #21 2019

  1. The embroidery with the cat and the quilt is yours? That’s amazing. Before I’d even read it was you who made it I was going to say it was my favourite out of all the things. Do you still do embroidery? I would if I could turn something out like that.

    Too hot for soup here but I might have some mung bean soup in my future as I bought a solid face wash bar from Lush which contained mung beans (for exfoliation purposes) and some would have gone down the sink. I have since heard that people have experienced mung bean sprouts growing in their drains. I will keep you informed of any future developments.

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    1. No. Only the cat is mine – I could only make a quilt like that in my wildest dreams.
      Haven’t done any embroidery for years, but keep meaning to get back to it – you know how it goes.
      Crickey! never heard of that. Hope you bar of soap doesn’t turn into some sort of Day of the Triffids experience.


      1. No, I didn’t mean the actual quilt I meant the quilt in the embroidery with the cat. Although, looking at it again, I suppose it’s more like a crochet blanket. Sorry to confuse. It’s gorgeous anyway whatever the cat’s sitting on 😻

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    1. Thank you. Like me I know you are rather biased towards Mr Sheep and I do think the cardigan has a higher degree of skill going on in it.
      I don’t do milk, but I would love any soup with Stilton in it if I did. The bra was very funny – mostly because he does it to be funny and knows exactly how to play his audience. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As long as he doesn’t try wearing it. I may have told you this tale before. Mum on returning from work would send the dogs to the garden to run around etc. One day she couldn’t find the dishcloth. She looked out of the window and Marcus our golden Labrador was wearing it like a necklace!

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  2. Ha – well done!! I remember at the time commenting that just about everything we make covers either flora or fauna – and see, you rocked it 😀 My favourite was the embroidered piece too – amazed that it’s 30 years old. I’ve never seen such a pattern and just love it! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your makes for the show.

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      1. Lovely to see you having such a lovely week and wonderful time. The weather looks super perfect too.
        Having a good time here too. Weather is cool in the mornings but warms up in the mid 20’s already. And it is not even Spring yet. I guess we are heading for an early summer.
        Have a good one and happy crafting. xx

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  3. That Embroidery is wonderful. I keep meaning to try my hand at some embroidery but haven’t got round to it yet. Well done on all of your prizes and the cup, not bad for some dredged up entries 🙂

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    1. Hello. Good to hear from you. Thank you.
      I keep meaning to have a go a stump work, but never quite get there. Hope to see some beautiful embroidery on your blog sooner or later. xx


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