Prescription Crochet #2

You may remember that back in May I finally went to see the physio about my wrist/thumb that had been bothering me for a couple of years. Along with other exercises the physio prescribed that I crochet every day, beginning with a minute a day and building up.

I began by starting to crochet a small pot of flowers.


The pot grew very quickly even at only a few minutes a day. However crocheting pots of flowers is so not me. I just about got the pot finished, before I got distracted by a new project.

I’d been asking for suggestions about what to crochet/knit with my Blueberry Bam Bam whirl.

Scheepjes Whirl Blueberry Bambam

I’d been resistant to working on a shawl, because I never wear them. However, as the discussion went on I realised that when we sit out on an evening after a BBQ and I get a little chilly, I tend to grab the nearest blanket belonging to Harry and wrap myself in it.

Okay this is obviously not my garden, but me on holiday sporting one of  Harry’s blankets.

Maybe I did need a did need a shawl after all.

I chose the Flower Valley shawl pattern – beware if you ever chose to make it, there are mistakes in the written instructions. Building up from my slow few minutes a day to more lengthy spells of crochet, I finished it in 6 weeks.

Very pleased to win a 2nd place for this in the craft section of the produce show – especially since I didn’t even think I would be able to crochet anything ever again when I first saw pamphlet inviting entries.

Of course in the six weeks it took me the weather became colder and I haven’t had chance to wear it. But it is rumoured it may be warm enough here for a BBQ tomorrow.

Hope you’re having a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x



20 thoughts on “Prescription Crochet #2

  1. It’s beautiful Bekki, well done!
    It looks similar to the Grinda shawl I was going to make with my Scheepjes whirl but I’ve given up with it because I kept making so many mistakes and i was getting despondent. Like you, I don’t really wear shawls but I can’t really see anything else I want to make with the lovely cake of yarn. So, I’ve just spotted the Virus shawl and Bella Coco (who re-taught me crochet with her YouTube videos) does a sort of crochet-a-long so I might go for that. It can be worn as a scarf too, which I do wear, so I’m hoping I will finally get to use my Blackcurrant Squeeze Me.

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    1. Thank you.
      Great to hear you’re about to embark on crocheting your Blackcurrant Squeeze me.
      We’re having a BBQ tonight, so am determined to sit out until it’s cold enough to need a shawl.


  2. I never get cold enough to wear shawls either (rhino skin), but that doesn’t stop me making them!! Love this and relieved for you that you don’t have to give up crochet for life…..

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  3. Well done!! So clearly you are set for another fifty years of crocheting – who knows what will come off that hook! And a shawl is so much classier than a dog blanket, no matter how well loved the dog is. I don’t make many shawls – and I should I’m nearly at the age where I’m expected to be wrapped in one all the time…… I must stop making throws and start making shawls! I’ll do that when I’ve finished the doily/mandalas that I’ve just started making for Christmas presents ………..

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    1. Thank you. At least another fifty! 🙂
      It is classier, but classy dress hardly ever comes into it in rural west Devon.
      No what’s all this about suitable age for shawls – you wear what you want.
      There’s going to be some happy Christmas present recipient in your world. What patterns are you following? Or are you making them up?


      1. I’m making a pattern that came via Wild Daffodil a couple of posts back. Like Sandra I get inspired by a pattern, start off following it and at some stage generally segue into my own version….. anything could happen! I’ve started with ‘Agnes’ by Zoya Matyushenko.

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