Sunday Sevens #23 2019

Unlike most weeks, I’ve just scraped 7 photos for Sunday Sevens this week. Not that it’s been particularly quiet, I just keep forgetting to take them.

This week seems to have been a week with lots of exercise. There have been dog walks – of course…


… more gardening. I’m currently battling the ivy that’s trying to take over in our copse of trees…


Gardening also included planting up my new-to-me strawberry jar –  as I blogged on Monday.


… and I’ve even been out on my bike for the first time since Harry arrived. In fact probably the first time in a year!


I’ve been collecting plastic lids for several months now to send off to Lush to recycle. Sadly when my box was full this week and I looked for the address, I found they’ve stop taking them. Anyone know where else I can get them recycled? Or other thoughts on what I should do with my lid collection now?


I had a touch of the Uri Geller in me one lunchtime when all the slices of my chopped cucumber all stood up on their edges…


And finally, at the end of the working week, it was craft afternoon…

This may be an old pic, as I forgot to take pic while I was there.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Until next time,

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #23 2019

    1. Hello! thank you. A friend has offered to pass them on to a friend of hers that sends them off to a charity, but if you come across anything creative I can do with them, it would be great to know.
      Hope you have a great week too. Hugs to Mieke xx

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  1. I was going to suggest a charity – I know there’s at least one here in France that collect ‘bouchons’. I’ve no idea what they do with them though.
    Like the pic of you crafting – but I thought you said you never wear shawls??

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