Kwik Sew 3614

As some of you know, I’ve just started knocking the rust off my clothes sewing skills. Although this is the third garment I’m posting, it was my second finish. Yes, this is another catch up post from June/July.

Back in June I saw a pair of shorts in Long Tall Sally made from black and white ticking and I’m very partial to a bit of ticking.

The shorts cost Β£55. But before I could even think about the price tag, I remembered a black and white ticking remnant I bought a couple of years ago for Β£3 or Β£4. It felt like fate.

I chose Kwik Sew pattern 3164.


I took out the pieces, measured them and measured several pairs of my existing shorts. The measurements seamed to coincide, so I held my breath and cut into my ticking.


I decided to add the optional pockets and am pleased to say the stripes line up pretty well…

20190828_115719I did stray a little from the pattern; leaving off the belt loops and adding a button and button hole at the top, instead if hooks and an overlap…


For my second garment in 30 years I’m very pleased to say they fit perfectly…


And they only cost me about a fiver.

Until next time,

Bekki x

19 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3614

    1. I am thinking of making a pair of dungarees, mine at the rate I’m going I’ll probably have just finished them when it’s shorts weather again.
      And now I’ve typed about them I’m wondering if dungarees look good in ticking or would I look like Andy Pandy?:-)


      1. Or a childen’s entertainer?
        Hmm. – Not a 100% sure. Maybe you could play it safe and do a dungaree dress that are ‘on trend’ at the moment.


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