Heartfelt Cardigan Ta Da!

Still catching up with the makes I finished while I wasn’t blogging in June/July. I finished this as I went on holiday. It was a bit of a mad rush, because I realised I only needed to take one cardigan if I finished it. After all you can wear a cream cardigan with anything – can’t you?

Here it is…



And the back…


Nothing else to say really.

Apart from I’m never never, never, NEVER going to write up the pattern – far to complicated to calculate it for other sizes.


Until next time.

Bekki x

14 thoughts on “Heartfelt Cardigan Ta Da!

  1. What a beautiful sweater! I want to make a cable cardigan and am tempted to do my own design, but I keep getting held up by trying to find the right yarn. Any tips?

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    1. Thank you. This is actually my own yarn. It’s a ryeland wool. I’d recommend you using wool, because once you’ve put all that effort in you want it to last. Cables need a yarn that gives good stitch definition – -which is why the ryeland is perfect too, but to be honest I’m not sure what else gives a good stitch definition.

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      1. I’m a huge rare wool fan. I have the books to do the reading to figure out which yarn to go for… I just haven’t done it yet! One of these days…

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