Prescription Crochet #3 WIP

Having posted a lot of catch up finishes, I thought it was high time I showed you something I was actually working on. This is my third crochet project since I was told by the physio to crochet to make my thumb better.



When I learnt to crochet – several years ago – I went straight to working on garments and have never crochet a granny square before, so feeling very cuffed I’ve finally made some.


These are the centre of the Charlotte square. It’s quite a big square and I only liked the centre, so have only done the first 18 rows. As you can see, so far I have six squares completed. I’m aiming for 20.

I may be a while yet.

Until next time,

Bekki x


16 thoughts on “Prescription Crochet #3 WIP

    1. It feel like it’s a permanent repeat prescription to me 🙂
      I have to confess I am currently enjoying crochet more than knitting. For me it started when I lost dear HRH. I couldn’t do anything at all creative until I picket up my crochet hook and then I found the action of the hooking very soothing and relaxing. I was very unhappy when i thought I was going to have to give crochet up because my thumb hurt so much.
      I do however prefer what i create with knitting – but maybe I just need to find some better patterns? I’m sure my knitting also looks better because the stitches are neater.


      1. Yes, I agree with your last paragraph but knitting feels really ‘cumbersome’ to me now that I’ve become a hooker. I’m sure I won’t totally give it up though.,

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    1. I think I will. But I do need to find some better patterns of things I really want to make.
      Lynn also said she’s preferring crochet to knitting now too and never thought that would happen. Do think I may be heading in that direction too xx

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      1. You will disappear down the crochet rabbit holes on Ravelry and You Tube and blogs galore ……. My daughter started learning to crochet, switched to knitting and found her true love. It’s a personal thing I guess and both are fun! I’m learning to do Celtic Crochet now and loving it.

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  1. How did the doctors know that crochet would do the trick?
    That’s a lot of granny square crochet you need to do. I cannot crochet, I knit – the basics only but my heart is not in it. I love cross stitch and hand sewn patchwork.

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    1. It was my physio who prescribed it – along with some other exercises. She is a hand specialist, so maybe she knew that crochet would work on what I needed to work on. I also told her crochet really upset it, so maybe it was also about that telling her it targeted the right muscles etc. She did start me off on only 1 minute crochet a day.


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