Knitting WIP

I can hardly believe it was the 2nd May when I last posted a knitting WIP – the start of my cream Heartfelt cardigan. I have however been working on another knitting project since the middle of June when I bought this pile of wool to work on a holiday project…


I knitted a stocking stitch back and sleeves on holiday, because I wanted something to knit in the car that I didn’t have to look at while I enjoyed the Scottish scenery.

When I got home I thought I’d better decide on how to make a more interesting front. Here’s the pattern I chose…


..and here’s the whole of the front I’ve knitted so far….


Nearly there. And when I’ve finished I might even write the pattern up – or not. I’m sure by now you know what I’m like.

Until next time,

Bekki x

21 thoughts on “Knitting WIP

  1. Hmm. I think, when I mentioned I might do plain back and sleeves on my WIPish cable cardigan, you might have huffed and puffed a bit. As I am still only about 4 inches up one of the cardigan fronts I think you will now realise why I suggested it. I will wait and see what your lovely honeycomb design looks like with plain sleeves and back and that might encourage me to get on with the fronts. I won’t wait for your pattern though 🤣

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    1. Ha ha! Me huff and puff! Surely not.
      I’ve actually started writing this one up before I’ve finished. I really only did ss back and sleeves so i could watch the scenery while i knitted. Glad i did though, that pattern on the front is very yarn hungry.

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