Pinwheel Baby Quilt Ta da!

I finished the Pinwheel Baby Quilt months ago. Firstly I didn’t post because the baby hadn’t arrived and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise if lovely niece accidentally spotted it. Then, after the baby arrived, I went AWOL from the blog. And then I kept not posting because I thought I’d post a pattern tutorial for it. Well, maybe I will post a tutorial in the future, but as that doesn’t seem to be happening, I thought I’d better show the finished object and cross one more finished object to show you off my list.

Ta Da!

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

I’m pleased apart from that I wish I’d made the rectangle for the name in mustard.

I’m also very pleased that this project has been made virtually only from my stash andΒ  scraps from bag making (the polka dot fabric). All I bought was the batting. Hope you like it.

Until next time.

Bekki x






16 thoughts on “Pinwheel Baby Quilt Ta da!

  1. That polka dot fabric really looks good as the inner border and binding and the baby won’t mind if the rectangle is red and not mustard.
    If I remember correctly, you used a gadget thingy to make your pinwheels (unless it was somebody else of course) and, shortly afterwards I bought one myself. I must have a go at making some blocks using it but I’ve thrown the card away it came with and have no idea how to use it. YouTube here I come.

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      1. Not sure. I do it by cutting squares, sewing around the edge then cutting them in half which seems easier and that I can make any size pinwheel. That seems easier to me and more versatile too, because the pinwheels can be any size. But let me know how you go – always happy too be wrong. Well, not always, but I can manage it occasionally πŸ™‚


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