Monday Sevens 2019 #26 – The Welsh Edit

Welcome to my Sunday Monday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog. A little late this week, because we’ve been on holiday.

For some time now we’ve been thinking we might invest in a motor home. So the sensible course of action seemed to be to hire one and see if this particular pipe dream was something we might really want to materialise.

We decided to take a small trip to Wales – picking our van up at Bridgend and driving on to the Gower peninsula.

hol 1

I confess it didn’t start well. Once we’d packed everything in the van, with Harry happily following us in an out, we shut the door to set off  and, despite me sitting in the back with him, Harry freaked out. We hadn’t even started the engine. We calmed him down and left the hire lot, but Harry was shaking and flinching at every creak and bump of the van.

We headed for the nearest service station and walked Harry around to settle him down then returned to the van to set off again. Harry was calmer, but still not completely happy.  By now it was also raining and the roads were full of rush hour traffic – after a rather stressful hour and a half we arrived at Port Eynon.  Very tired we had tea in the van and settled down for the night.


I’m pleased to say from there on things picked up. The weather changed and the campsite was so lovely and LH was so sure we don’t need to have such a big van – so he didn’t need to drive anywhere else in it – we decided to stay at Port Eynon for the week.


Harry and I loved our early morning walks on the beach, while we left LH in the van to sleep in.



We found some interesting early morning finds washed up by the tide…

This skeleton was about 2ft long


The weather was just fabulous…


We had some lovely coast walks…

Hols Bekki

And walks on the beach at Oxwich

20190917_142952 - Copy20190917_151717

And far to many portions of fish and chips


And we generally chilled out…


I’m pleased to say Harry was much happier with journey back and we’re planning on visiting the camping and caravan show in November to explore more, smaller motor homes.

Until next time,

Bekki x

22 thoughts on “Monday Sevens 2019 #26 – The Welsh Edit

  1. Interesting! I think the main objection I have to motorhomes (apart from being behind one on the roads and it not being a hotel) is not wanting to drive around in such a monster once you arrive at your destination.
    I suppose the solution is to take bikes and make sure the campsite isn’t too far from anywhere interesting within cycling distance. Not sure how Harry would take to that scenario though.
    I wonder what you’ll come away with in November.

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    1. I would definitely have said I wasn’t a camper, but hotels are restrictive too – you have to be at breakfast by a certain time, they rarely have anything I really want to eat for breakfast and loads I don’t/can’t eat, you have to be out of your room by 11. And that’s before I even start on using hotels with a dog – even the ‘dog friendly’ ones. I like the camping do what you want when you want, eat in or out as you please, and out of season – which is what we do – you don’t need to book in advance or commit to much. Of course I do need a nice clean campsite with good clean facilities!
      LH thought he wouldn’t be bothered by it being such a monster, as he’s driven big things plenty before, but not down so many country lanes 🙂 We didn’t take bikes as we wanted to do beaches and coastal paths – not driving to stuff – but Harry is a very good boy at staying with you, so he wouldn be fine with a bike.


  2. I’m sure Harry will get used to it. Is he ok if you put a proper dog bed in there for him to travel in? We hired a camper van once and Hugo didn’t like travelling in it , even with me in the back with him, cause he didn’t like bumps and scrapes. He’s fine in his bed though. Much happier. You looked like you had a perfect week. Beaches and sunshine and fish and chips. Fab! X

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    1. I think he will – he was scared of the car when we got him, so I think it may be a bit linked to that. He barely uses his (3) beds in the house and heads for the settee when he wants comfort – so I can hardly take that. I do however have every confidence in him to settle to it. He was was nodding off on the way back, so I’m sure if we had one of our own he’d quickly get used to it.

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  3. Hi guys, so happy Harry is adjusting. The more you do this, the better for him and if you get your own (I do love the idea of hiring when you want to because then you do not have to take care of it continually) he will have his smells there and be more ok. My sister and her husband have been RVers for years and have one dog that just is not liking it ever. Never calms down and just doesn’t like being in a car or RV. I feel for the dog.

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    1. Hello. Good to hear from you
      Aw! Your sisters poor dog. What a shame.
      Harry was already settling on the way back, nodding off to sleep a fair bit. So think he will be fine.
      The problem with hiring is that it’s very expensive and in your own van you you can have exactly and only what you want, which I think will make things much simpler when you pack up between stops. Also you have to drop off at their times, so you can’t drive home late etc to avoid traffic.


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