Holiday Crafting

Having been told to pack light for the motor home trip, I decide taking most of a finished jumper to complete was not a good plan. Instead I picked up a couple of small projects I’d been meaning to work on for ages.

On the way up to Bridgend to pick up the motor home I knitted a rat for a friend who had asked me to knit her one – as friends do.


There was no knitting while travelling in the van, since I was giving Harry my undivided attention.

Crochet took over as we chilled on holiday and I completed three squares of the Charlotte square blanket…


On the drive back home from Bridgend to home I knitted most of aΒ  tea cosy sweater for a friend who’d requested one.


So I still have the tea cosy to finish, but I still feel I accomplished plenty on holiday – not that I needed to accomplish anything apart from have a good time.

Until next time,

Bekki x

12 thoughts on “Holiday Crafting

  1. All great projects – I think I need a knitted tea cosy – I might actually finish a cable project that size.

    I really wish I could do something useful when being driven anywhere but I get car sick if I do anything. When I visit the girls in the UK now, the coach journey takes 2 1/2 hours from the airport so I joined Audible so that at least I can listen to a book on headphones but all that crochet/knitting/sewing time wasted upsets me

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    1. Such a shame you can’t. Hubby drives a little more slowly since we got Harry, so I’m lucky enough to be able to do any sory of knitting in the car now. I still have to look at crochet to much – that wp5uld definitely make me sick.


  2. I’ve never done any kind of handwork in a car – probably because I’m usually driving πŸ™‚ But even when not it doesn’t occur to me I could…….. I’m a little envious of your ability. I like the outcomes of your holiday trip and especially those crochet squares – perfect colour choices!

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  3. I find I cannot do any knitting or crochet in the car as I develop a headache if I do so.
    You certainly achieved a great deal while on holiday.
    I am curious to know why your friend wanted a knitted rat. Does she have a cat?

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  4. I admire anyone who can craft on the move, I just feel sick if I try. So I look out of the window and day dream. I love the rat and teacosy, not that I’d like a rat, why did she want a rat? I often take knitting on holiday and rarely do any. I find I enjoy a little cross stitch project instead.

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    1. Thank you. Day dreaming is good for creativity! I tend to do more on the move than while actually away – then to get involved in other things once I’m there.
      My friend is going to a live dinner/performance of the Fawlty Towers rat episode!


  5. What a very productive holiday.
    Despite being car sick if I do too much reading etc I can actually knit in the car on long journeys ie motorway driving. Which is good since I can’t actually do any of the driving at least I can do something productive πŸ˜‚

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