Learning to Draw # 2 – Fuchsias

Yesterday’s post was about my first foray into learning to draw, which happened on Wednesday last week. One of the rules I planted firmly in my mind as I started was Draw every day.

Of course life isn’t very good at opening up an hour or so each day to sketch. The next day was going to be full on, so the only chance I had to sketch was when I first got up. As I walked Harry around the garden in my PJs contemplating what to draw, my eye fell on  our fuchsia bushes…

They’re a bit scratty and skinny this time of year, but the flowers are still perfect

I was fascinated as a child by these beautiful flowers, that looked to me like fairy lanterns. Knowing I needed to get going, I grabbed a stalk and had a go at sketching one of the flowers. It was just getting light and I only had an HB pencil – so not ideal…

Friday morning was worse. It was again the only time I had, but this time it was earlier and still dark. I had to shine my phone torch on the flower to see much at all – the lights in our kitchen/dinner are very very dim.

However the good thing about Friday was that I went to Craft for Crafters and bought a lovely box of sketching pencils…


Saturday was pretty much the same tale as Thursday and Friday; no time and too dark, but at least I had my new pencils…


We headed off to see Lovely Littlest on  Sunday and Monday and, although I took my small sketching book, there wasn’t a single gap to sketch in – but, of course, daughters do come first.

To my dismay, the time I’d put aside on Tuesday was taken up by an unexpected visitor. Finally on Wednesday I had an afternoon gap. I took my time, used my new pencils and sketched to my hearts content…

20191002_1534530Fuschia Sketch0

Hopefully more daylight time in the coming week to draw, but quite pleased with my progress so far.

Until next time,

Bekki x





20 thoughts on “Learning to Draw # 2 – Fuchsias

    1. Thank you. I was very pleased. Believe me I’ve never done anything that good before – hubby asked if someone else has done it. It did take a lot of concentrating and an hour and a half!


  1. that looks great. One of the things I was taught (o level art) was that ‘to keep in touch with one’s flow’ to set a time limit and not to redo anything. We did a lot of 2 minute sketches, which were mostly on rubbish chip paper. Occasionally I’m prompted to revisit that practice, but now I use my phone sketch package. I have never been very good at getting what I want onto paper, always better at crafting it with paper!
    Enjoy, ans perhaps take a look at #drawingaugust on twitter, IG etcfor inspiration. x


    1. Hello. Thanks.
      Sounds an interesting exercise, but I can’t imagine doing more than a couple of lines in two minutes – but I’ll give it a go and no doubt surprise myself.
      Thanks also will take a look at #drawingaugust.


  2. These look great. It is hard to find time to fit me things in. But it’s so encouraging to see some improvement when you do sit down to do things regularly. Looking forward to seeing more x

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