WIP Catch up

Just in case my blog is beginning look as if all I’m ever going to subject you to in future is bad sketching and strange looking machine scribbles, I thought I’d better do a quick WIP catch up…

My red sweater is still on the go. Not much progress since last time – too distracted by every other craft. All I’ve done is finish the wrapped pattern and add some ribbing to  the top.


I’m currently contemplating how to edge the top – since casting straight off from the rib is going to create a rather unsightly seam – or rather I keep meaning to contemplate it.

My other knitting WIP – a tea cosy for my friend – has come to a complete standstill. I really should finish it, so little left to do…


I’ve completed two more squares of my crochet blanket – 12 down, 8 to go.


I’ve started an embroidery, which was supposed to be a quick project, but I keep sitting down too late in the evening to concentrate on it.


I’ve already sold out/sent out all of the free motion embroidery cards I made, so I’ve made a huge batch more. The fronts are currently waiting to be stuck to the cards.


There is also pair of PJ bottoms wafting around somewhere almost finished.

As you can see I’m almost keeping to my promise of not to having more than one project of each type on the go at once – although not making huge progress on any.

Until next time,

Bekki x

8 thoughts on “WIP Catch up

  1. Well, they’re all getting there aren’t they? Apart from maybe the pyjama pants that seem to be in mid waft.
    I like your cards and it’s good they are selling well. The only problem with receiving lovely cards, I find, is that i never want to throw them out so I’m awash with a greetings card stash. I must try to think of a use for them.
    Do you block your crochet squares? If so, will you wait until they are all done or until they are all joined together or what? I’m blocking my squares for the CAL I’m doing as I go along but that’s mainly because my tension is a bit pants – some might say ‘variable’ – and blocking helps me get them all to the same size.

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    1. I think you probably spotted the clue about the PJ pants not getting there is that I can’t actually find them to take a photo.
      Glad you like the cards – yes, I too keep the lovely ones I’m sent and have heaps of them. Let me know when you find a fabulous use for them.
      I’ll block my crochet squares at the end, but before I put them together – that way I can take up teh whole kitchen with wet soggy bits of crochet. Hmmm. Maybe I should block as I go along just for that reason. Some are pretty frilly

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  2. Promises shmomises! It all looks eclectic and interesting and I’m sure the pj bottoms are fab too….. eventually it will all get done – or not. Time’s the thing. I don’t know what happens to it personally, it disappears faster and faster. Congrats on selling your cards – now that’s a really good thing!

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  3. Still making progress, which is very good. And working on so many, that is great. Keeps the mind active. I love the red sweater, it is going to be stunning when done.
    The cards are super cute, and I love the idea.
    Have a lovely weekend, happy crafting, and hugs of Harry. xx

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  4. I’m exhausted just reading this. I have lots on the go at once, and sometimes it’s need to finish something that gets it to the top of the to do pile.The card fronts are lovely, and yes I keep lovely cards. I have been known to deconstruct them and make new cards from them. I have even sent them back from whence they came….

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    1. Sorry didn’t meant to wear you out.
      You just reminded me, my dad and uncle had a card they sent back and forth each year for each other’s birthdays – not because of the prettiness, but because whichever one of them had originally bought it hadn’t signed it, because the rhyme started ‘who the devil sent me this?’ Can’t remember what the rest said.


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