Sunday Sevens – a Rocky Week

Rather than bore you with yet another week’s worth of wet damp pictures, I thought I’d share seven (or so) photos of sketching. I’m a little behind on blogging about it, so I’m starting from when I’d just drawn a fuchsia I was pretty  pleased with.

Several people have said to me draw what you love/what you want to draw.  This has led to me returning from dog walks like a five year old boy with pockets full of forest treasure. The first forest find I decided to draw was a sycamore leaf that had managed to find a dry ledge amid all the rain…

Reasonably happy with this, the next day I tried to draw a feather…

Unimpressed with my effort I consoled myself by immediately drawing some imaginary rocks…


I was happier with these, but drawing from imagination was not improving my skill of observing and drawing what I saw. So next day I decided to copy a photo of a Dartmoor wall.

Having taken quite some time to draw all the stones, I began to shade them and realised it was going to take me all day to finish. I’ve therefore been shading one or two a day since. It’s very soothing, but I may be a while finishing.

Next day I drew another of my forest finds…

This was hard. Sooooo much detail!

After that I allowed myself to get a bit distracted by trees – more about that another day – but a couple of days later, feeling rather tired, I decided to draw the biggest rock I’ve ever seen, thinking it was pretty easy as it was only a circle and a bit of shading…



In my mind’s eye a full moon was a silvery circle with a couple of smudges top right and a fuzzier big smudge to the left. Once I paid proper attention I realise there was far more detail than I thought. So I had a quick google to find out what all those smudges and blotches on the moon are…

20191010_181914Knowing what, area is which ocean etc made it much easier to draw. (It might also come on handy for pub quizzes.)


A couple of days later I had another go…


After that I gave rocks a rest. Although I’ll keep shading my wall and plan to have another go at sketching the moon and more forest rocks in a while.

And finally, if anyone local can recommend a good drawing course/workshop(s) I’d be very grateful. If you live very local, I have considered the art group in the village and will have an enquire there as everyone has been complimentary about the tutor, but some say I might be better off elsewhere for sketching – so wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. After all, I don’t just have to stick to one group.

Until next time,

Bekki x

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – a Rocky Week

  1. You are certainly rocking the sketching. It’s much harder than one thinks. I have a book by Richard Box, I have been told there are courses through the WI. Enjoy another damp week they are predicting for us.


    1. Thanks Cathy. Will take a look at the book you recommend. Hadn’t thought about WI. Will ask my WI friends – although i do feel I’m not a WI person. Wishing you a happy damp week too.


  2. Hi, your sketching is coming along nicely and as they say practise makes perfect. I’m going to post a picture of a book I am reading by Laurie Lee – it has a black and white cover with a scene – take a peek you may want to copy it. x

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  3. Well done Becky! You are making amazing progress. There is an online networking group called something like Creative Arts South West. There is one that started in Somerset and spread but I think there is one down Plymouth way too. Anyway, people advertise on there plus you can join if you wish. You could very well find what you want on there or find someone who can help you 😊

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    1. Hello. Thank you I’ll take a look. Soundd familiar now you’ve mentioned it. You’ve also reminded me there’s a group called ‘Drawn to the Valley’ – who are all artists in the Tamar Valley. Probably worth a look on their sight see if there is any teaching offered on there. Thabks again.


    1. Thank you. It’s a very interesting piece of rock that has lots of different angles you could draw it from to look different.
      I am enjoying sketching for its own sake, but I equally think i need to be able to draw better so i can draw things to machine embroidery over.


  4. Your rocky road is leading to success Bekki – it’s not always that easy to see for ourselves as the little critic who lives at the back of our brains will ceaselessly point out where we went wrong. The thing I like to see the most is that your observations lead you on to investigate more thoroughly what is it is you are seeing and that’s the bit that makes drawing more accurate and more personal. Still life drawings can teach more than copying pictures as we have to think about placement and light source and perspective either consciously or intuitively. I think you have a natural ability – it’s so exciting to watch!

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    1. Thank you. Your comments are always so encouraging . I do my best to only listen to the negative critic in a constructive way so that it informs me what to work on rather than beating myself with it’s contents.
      I’m finding a real bonus of this is I’m leaning new things. Found myself regretting being so disintetested in botany when I was young the other day.
      I do struggle with the light source thing sometimes as all our rooms are double aspect, so light tends to come from different directions at once.
      Bottom line is I’m focussing on drawing what I actually see and hoping that will improve my hand brain connection, while listening so others suggestions and seeing if they work for me.

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  5. Well done, your sketches are stunning. I love the rocks, maybe it is all the extra details. 🙂 You are getting better each time.
    Have fun and enjoy collecting treasures to bring home to sketch too. That is half the fun I think.
    Enjoy the new week.

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