A very quick post to ask a favour of anyone who’s knitted one of my patterns…

Recently I found a comment on Ravelry about the accuracy and ease of following one of my patterns.  I’ve also had some of you guys make complimentary comments too. Each comment has delighted me as I do work very hard to make them as mistake free and as clear a possible.

Dartmoor Snowflake Fingerless Mitts - Bekki Hill The Dartmoor Yarn Company

Whilst I’m not saying they’re perfect or that I never make mistakes, I far too regularly see patterns that seem to be thrown together and contain multiple mistakes, and it’s nice to be able to differentiated my patterns from these.

I’m therefore hoping that some of you who have knitted my patterns – whether from a kit, a download or a paper pattern – wouldn’t mind giving me a positive quote about my pattern/your experience of knitting it. Leaving a quote in the comments would be great, but if you’d rather send one through the contact form that would a great too.


I plan to put the quotes on my patterns page with first name and county/country the person comes from, but if you’d rather be more anonymous than that let me know.  Dartmoor Winter - Cosy Hat Pattern

Of course if you have any comments about improvements I could make, they would be very helpful too.

Thank you!

Until next time,

Bekki x






8 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. Lucy – California – haven’t started the hand mitts yet, but knowing you, they will be a breeze
    The little bags were absolutely a dream to do. I did not do all of them but had a blast.Ended up doing 42 total and filled with ‘mulling spices” in little organza bags for Christmas trees or sachets. Could not stop once I got started. As they all follow more or less the same pattern, easy to almost memorize. thanks, Bekki

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    1. Hi Lucy. Thanks for the lovely quote. Very much appreciated.
      Can’t believe you’ve knitted 42. Don’t think I’ve knitted that many! Great idea to put spices in them. Thanks again and so glad you’re enjoying my patterns.


  2. I have made one of your sheep and some of the little bags. The patterns were clear and easy to follow. The sheep now forms part of my Easter displays! I also loved how you packaged the sheep, it was like a little Christmas just for me.

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  3. I have never knitted one of your patterns but then I remembered I bought the sheep kit as a gift for my sister so I’ll write a review on her behalf (if I haven’t already – it was a while ago ).

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