Sunday Sevens 2019 – Visiting the Netherlands

Welcome to my Sunday Sevens – a post where I share seven (or so) photos of my week away from the blog.  This week I thought I’d just stick to just sharing the pictures I took last weekend in the Netherlands visiting Lovely Eldest.

On Saturday we stayed in Utrecht chilling with Lovely Eldest soaking up the sights and the atmosphere..20191019_14094420191019_15415120191019_14254020191019_154044(0)20191019_14432820191019_152603(0)20191019_153839



I was delighted to also discover we’d picked a weekend when the huge fabric market visits.


Lovely Husband also found himself a new dog, but it wasn’t a patch on Harry…


On Sunday we visited Amersfoort.


Apparently this church is in the very centre of the Netherlands…


As well as the picturesque side of the Netherlands, we also love the more quirky sights…

A chandelier under a road bridge…



A giant teapot and giant tulips at the airport…


Bikes for table legs…


And my favourite…

The rainbow road crossing…


…. with Miffy instead of a green man telling us when we can cross the road…


Until next time…

Bekki x

10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2019 – Visiting the Netherlands

    1. It is a wonderful place. My daughter had been there five years, so we’ve been all over, It is such a beautiful country. Although I don’t warm to the flatness, but very easy to ride a bike and the air is so much cleaner because so many people use bikes as transport. The architecture is just stunning where my daughter lives.


  1. Great photos. Pretty place and chocolate cake too! I am intrigued about the fabric market – which weekend per month? Wondering if I could wangle a visit to a friend who lives not far away in Holland !

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  2. Utrecht looks lovely – I’ve only been to Amsterdam albeit quite a few times.
    I love the Miffy traffic light. I don’t remember the Dutch having such a whimsical sense of humour but it’s a long time since I was there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amsterdam is a nice city, but very busy. Utrecht is much quieter and the centre of the old town almost devoid of cars far – nicer in my opinion. Maybe the Dutch are becoming more quirky?


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