Learning to Draw – Perspective

Saturday before last I had a good chunk of time to myself. I was getting a bit bored working on shading, so decided to learn about perspective.

I started by watching a few YouTube videos and reading a few tutorials about one point perspective. I then worked on the exercises from this tutorial.


I then looked through some of my photos and chose some suitable for drawing in one point perspective. I started with this tunnel…


It seemed like a nice simple drawing and the construction meant I didn’t even need to rub out my construction lines apart from at the entrance…

I didn’t shade fully as it seem a waste of time and graphite.

Next day I attempted a sketch of one of the streets I took a picture of when we visited the Netherlands


I simplified it a little by removing the bikes


At the end of the week I had a go at working on two point point perspective. I chose this picture…


Having drawn a fair amount of detail I realised I’d drawn one line going back to the wrong vanishing point and ended up rubbing most of my sketch out. I then realised that although the door looks as if it comes out of the wall at the bottom left of the door, the pub sign runs flat along the wall above it! Knowing this was impossible, I put the sketch on hold until I pass the pub again and can see what the heck’s going on…


I’ve also been doing some more sketching this week


Ten minute sketches…

Until next time,

Bekki x

4 thoughts on “Learning to Draw – Perspective

    1. Thank you. I do like all that measuring and drawing with the rules, but it doesn’t feel as if it’s improving my drawing eye. It’s also very time consuming. Glad you like the leaves. My favourite is the smallest one. Still avoiding the pine cone!


  1. Ooer, all that thinking and working out you have to do.
    My favourite this time is the Dutch street – I think you should add a couple of bikes now though, just for interest and you can’t have a Dutch street without a bike can you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My inner geek loved all thjat thinking and working out 🙂
      I did like to Dutch street – but betweem you and me, the decision to leave the bikes out was made because they looked so rubbish when i did try to draw them. Of course your right, got to have at least one bike in a Dutch street.


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